ZULU AS KONO s/t Cd Boc Records 1999


One of my best discover of these days . Rythm,crazy voice,evolved structure,frenetic energy,melodies.DAZZLING KILLMEN melt with US MAPLE and the best of SHELLAC ouf... Don't know from where they are ( BOC is based in AUSTIN, TEXAS ) but it doesn't care ! This is their first release in cd format. No wonder that they share one 7- with (ex DAZZLING KILLMEN) Nick SAKES 's SICKBAY the 7-s are great too !!! 6 guys for 13 tracks on the cd ( double trio ???) Essential.Other records to listen to : '1' cd ( BOC ) 7- split w/h SICK BAY ( PERVERTED SON RECORDS AUSTIN) 7- ( BOC 1999) BOC=BENT OVER COWBOY RECORDS Here is their adress for buying their stuffs: Bent Over Cowboy rec. PO BOX 2184 AUSTIN,TX 78768 USA