ARAB ON RADAR Rough Day At The Orifice Cd Oppoppop records


Yes,i know for the date but great records have no date.if you like SKIN GRAFT 's mind ,dissonant guitars ,this record is for you !Produced by walter WAESEL from THE FLYING LUTTENBACHER ( which will release his new record on the french PANDEMONIUM Label... ) this record reminds me in part TRUMANS WATER melt with US MAPLE 's crazyness.Often binary rythms, always distorted guitars with strange madness's voice ,this quintet from PROVIDENCE (USA...) will illuminate all of your mindless dreams !!!The first CD was produced by bob WESTON and is in the same vain. Love to distraction.RQ:i've not listen to their SKIN GRAFT new release...but their split 7- with LOCUST make me die. (5 tracks from LOCUST and 2 for AOR... Look for the review in these pages)ESSENTIAL ARAB ON RADAR PO BOX 603124 PROVIDENCE RI 02906.USA Listen to their Queen hygiene II ( HEPARIN 97 ) which is in the same vain...

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