GORGE TRIO Dead Chicken For No Knife + For Loss Of(split W/h Milo Fine) Cd Freeland Records 2000


GORGE TRIO is a trio of impro-Noise from Minneapolis.Past of its members: previously members of COLOSSAMITE (with 4 records), ICEBURN, APPLESEED (electronic project).Their first CD -Dead Chicken...- is for you if our are a devotee of COLOSSAMITE ( without the voice of Nick SAKES...) : Guitar, drums, Bass...on this record with melodies, evolved deconstruction(!!!) dissonances, talent (listen to their third track: my favourite).The tempo can be calm, guitar ala SLINT(hum...), destructured drums and in the next time all the contrary with always the will power of confrontation and destruction : KO each time i hear this record. The split with MILO FINE (Free Jazz Ensemble created in 1969!!!) is dedicated to be seen live : you can hear piano, saxo...melt with GORGE TRIO's instruments + electronic strident sounds : sometimes Cacophonic with a strange spirit ala SUN RA but always based on taut ambiences http://www.freelandrecords.it/