VOODOO MUZAK Mambient Cd Amanita Records 2000

VM come back with a new cd for the pleasure of our hears .12 years,4 albums,3 7-,talent and always the research of new horizon.Mambient forsakes saturate guitars for something more groovy and more based on ambiences : instrumental & sometimes experimental then :2 drums (with sometimes an afrocuban 's side),electronics,guitars,basses and a great frame of mind !!!The structure of these tracks are often sophisticated .This really should be the musical base of the movie you want to do. 4 tracks for a new obstinate music.with members of GUTARIKO BAT,KATOEN,RWA/KRUMELMONSTER and a great part of CDROM which includes 2 clips in their house...Look at AMANITA's web site and to his great mailorder !!! http://www.amanitarecords.com