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LEATHERFACE La baleine bleue - RENNES

I remember my first encounter with Leatherface-s rough pop songs : that was -New York State-, from the -Fill Your Boots- ep. Gosh, more than 9 years already !!! A few days later, I came across a copy of their debut LP, -The cherry knowle-... And fell in love ! But hey, all that-s a long story... There were these fantastic live performances in London in 91 and 92, and still more great songs... And unfortunately, there was also this sad separation in 1993. But no more sadness today, because Frankie Stubbs is back ! Just listen to the 6 songs on the split LP with Hotwatermusic (their punk rock is interesting, but Leatherface is definitly a league ahead of everybody else !) : It-s full of energy, of passion and anger, and it-s so goddamn lyrical ! I am still totally amazed a Leatherface-s ability to write perfect catchy tunes, the kind you sing along for days and can-t get out of your head. And, to top it all, Stubbs is certainly one of the greatest lyricists (songwriter ???) around. So forget second rate-ok-emopunk and try a bit of -the real thing- ! Although only Stubbs and drummer Andy Laing remain from the original line up, their set in Rennes in April was definitly up my expectations. A pure demonstration of raw explosive energy... And what pleasure to hear again all those hits : -Springtime-, -Do the right thing-, -How lonely-, -Pale moonlight-... It-s like we were eighteen again !!! Raw guitars and jumpy solos, accurate drumming and sandpaper vocals, LEATHERFACE definitly kicked asses !!! We also got of course all the hits from the recently released 14 songs LP -Horsebox-. Also not as -in your face--excellent as the ep, the LP contains a few gems : the straightforward melody of -Sour times-, the punk-rock classic -Sounbites-, the fast -Watching you sleep-, the surprising -Grip-, sung by Laing... So get it now if you really want to know what intelligent, melodic punk rock means (and forget all those California Green Day wanabees) http://kfuel.free.fr