hcmf announces 2019 Composer in Residence

6 heures 59 minutes ago

Hanna Hartman will be in residence at the event that runs from 15–24 November

Swedish sound artist, composer and performer Hanna Hartman has been announced as Composer in Residence at Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival for this year's event. Her work focuses on field recordings and found objects, with new pieces at the event featuring a 40 minute composition commissioned by the festival and performed solo by the artist herself on 17 November.

Also announced is a performance from German string quartet SONAR with soprano Juliet Fraser on the opening night – they'll be presenting a world premiere of an hcmf-commissioned work from composer Naomi Pinnock. Also that night will be a UK premiere of Heinz Holliger’s Increschantum, a six-movement setting of poems by Luisa Famos, while The Riot Ensemble present a portrait concert of the Irish composer Ann Cleare who recently received the Ernst von Siemens Prize.

hcmf takes place between 15–24 November. Other artists set to perform will be announced soon.

Stop gun violence dubs from Seekersinternational

8 heures 47 minutes ago

The Guncontrolla claims it is “the gun tune to end all gun tune”

A new release from Seekersinternational features fields recording from a workshop on field-stripping, the process of disassembly and reassembly a gun for the purpose of cleaning. The recordings were made during a demonstration by a Cold War veteran at a military surplus shop and features a Colt British Service Pistol, a Glock 34 Competition Pistol, a Kalashnikov 1967 Soviet Rifle and a Springfield M1 Garand Rifle.

The album is made as a pacifist dub statement making it clear its aim is not to romanticise gun use. Crucially not a single shot is fired on the record.

The Guncontrolla is released by ICS Library Records.

Oram Award winners announced

3 jours 5 heures ago

Ceremony will take place on 15 July with performances from Klein, Loraine James, Sally Golding and Beatrice Dillon

The winners of the 2019 Oram Awards were announced on BBC Radio 3 Late Junction on 13 June. Now in its third year, the awards were set up in honour of Daphne Oram to recognise emerging female and non-binary artists working with music and sound.

The six winners are Ain Bailey, Andie Brown, Cee Haines (CHAINES), Natalie Sharp, Nwando Ebizie (Lady Vendredi) and Steph Horak (SheIsRevolting).

The awards ceremony is to take place on 15 June at Kings Place as part of Venus Unwrapped and is hosted by Tina Edwards (Worldwide FM). Artists performing are former award winners Klein, Loraine James and Sally Golding, this year's winner Lady Vendredi, and Beatrice Dillon playing a DJ set. Awards are presented by Matthew Herbert, the composer and director of The New BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

You can listen to an Oram Awards playlist featuring Ewa Justka, Klein, Lone Taxidermist and others on Spotify.

Numero release video game

3 jours 6 heures ago

Escape From Synth City started life as compilation featuring video game concept packaging

Numero Group have release a homage to 1980s gaming. Escape From Synth City was originally conceived and released as a synth based compilation with video game concept packaging, but now it's been realised into a full 1980s style side scrolling platform video game.

Inspired by NES classics the game takes its player on a quest to Synth City. “Across 6 levels you uncover the sinister undertakings of a corporation over-exploiting the city’s natural resources. You become intertwined with the destiny of the city and its inhabitants, unwittingly leading the charge against the powers that be,” says Numero, confirming it as a manifestation on their Cabinet of Curiosities series.

The game's characters come from across the Numero universe and feature appearances from Laraaji, Isabelle Antena, Terry Ork and others.

The game was developed by Ali Najdi and Thomas McCloskey, a pixel artist based in Northern Ireland. The soundtrack is made up of chiptune renditions of the original Escape From Synth City record release earlier this year and was arranged by Ireland's Ansonix.

Its officially released and freely available to play online within the first two weeks of July. Collectors can purchase a limited edition NES inspired controller and the game's soundtrack on 7”.

Unheard Miles Davis studio album set for release

4 jours 7 heures ago

Rubberband is released on Rhino/Warner records, 60 years after Kind Of Blue

A previously unheard Miles Davis album is set for release in September. It was recorded in October 1985, the year that Davis left Columbia Records to join Warner Bros Records. Davis began recording Rubberband in Los Angeles at Ameraycan Studios with producers Randy Hall and Zane Giles. Planned vocalists set to appear included Al Jarreau and Chaka Khan, however the album was shelved and its tracked remained untouched for over 30 years. The following year Davis would release Tutu.

Last year a four-track EP of the same name was put out on Record Store Day. This September however will see the full 11-track LP released on CD, LP and digitally. It was finished by the original producers Hall and Giles and Davis’ nephew Vince Wilburn Jr who also played drums on the original session recordings. New vocals have been recorded by Lalah Hathaway and Ledisi.

Album artwork By Miles Davis

Davis plays both trumpet and keyboards on the album and is joined by keyboardists Adam Holzman, Neil Larsen and Wayne Linsey, percussionist Steve Reid, saxophonist Glen Burris, and Vince Wilburn Jr on drums.

Listen to “Rubberband Of Life” featuring Ledisi on Spotify.

Rubberband is released on 6 September on Rhino/Warner. It will include liner notes from The Last Miles writer George Cole.

New album from Deathprod

1 semaine ago

First LP in 15 years due out on Smalltown Supersound

Deathprod is releasing a new album this autumn marking 15 years since the artist, real name Helge Sten, has released a solo work. Back in 2015 he and Biosphere put out Stator on Touch, but his last solo album proper was Morals And Dogma in 2004 on Rune Grammofon. Morals And Dogma was reissued on Smalltown Supersound in 2017 as part of a Deathprod vinyl reissue campaign that included Treetop Drive (1994) and Imaginary Songs From Tristan Da Cunha (1996).

To mark the event he's playing a special concert on 10 November at Oslo’s Opera House, a building that is rarely used for music outside of opera circles.

The new release–title and exact release date unknown–will come out via Smalltown Supersound in October 2019.

Julian Cowley chatted to Deathprod in The Wire 228 in an article about Norwegian quartet Supersilent. Subscribers can read that article on Exact Editions.

Derek Bailey book news

1 semaine 4 jours ago

Lenka Lente publish Jean-Marc Montera’s Derek Bailey and Jin Yufeng and Wei Wei translate the guitarist’s seminal 1980 book Improvisation into Chinese

French guitarist Jean-Marc Montera has written a monograph on Derek Bailey. Montera, co-founder of the GRIM in Marseille in 1978, notes Bailey’s influence on his own career, stating Bailey inspired Montera to reconsider his position on music and how to practise it. His 110 page Bailey book is published in French by Lenka Lente.

News also comes in via Twitter that Jin Yufeng and experimental musician Wei Wei (aka Vavabond) have translated Derek Bailey’s Improvisation: Its Nature And Practice In Music into Chinese. Edited by the Shenzhen shop and record label Old Heaven Books, Improvisation is published by China Academy Of Art Press. Its publication was marked by a Bailey tribute, Improvisation For Improvisation, that closed this year’s Tomorrow Festival on 19 May, featuring Tomorrow Improvisation Unit with bassist Mamer, guitarist Li Jianhong, saxophonist/flautist Lao Dan, saxophonist Wang Ziheng and members of Guru Guru.

Originally published in 1980, Bailey’s Improvisation examined the meaning and methods of improvising music in all its forms, drawing on conversations with Han Bennink, John Zorn, Jerry Garcia, Steve Howe, Steve Lacy and more. The cover art (above) of the Chinese edition was done by woodcut artist Liu Qingyuan, who also produced the artwork for Shenzhen’s 2nd Tomorrow Festival back in 2015.

Apart from translating Bailey, Wei Wei has been busy recording her new album Non Serviam, which will be released by playrec in July.

Josh Feola wrote an article about the translator Wei Wei and her partner, the guitarist Li Jianhong in The Wire 406. Subscribers can read that on Exact Editions.

First Aural Diversity concert happening in Bath

1 semaine 6 jours ago

On 6 July musicians will perform via various listening media

The first in a series of concerts by the Aural Diversity project will take place in July. Supported by GNResound Ltd, Aural Diversity was conceived by Andrew Hugill in 2018. It takes its name from a term coined by John Levack Drever, who adapted it from the word neurodiversity. Drever himself no longer has what he describes as “auraltypical hearing” due to tinnitus in his right ear. The project seeks to explore different ways of listening for diverse hearing profiles.

All music at the event is described in a written programme, and sound will be delivered through various media ranging from hearing aids and cochlear implants to vibrating surfaces, video evocations and signing.

The first event will happen on 6 July at The Old Barn on Kelston Roundhill, featuring performances by Anya Ustaszewski, Ruth Mallalieu, Simon Allen, Andrew Hugill, John Drever and Matthew Spring.

The project invites others to present Aural Diversity concerts in line with the rules detailed on their website.

Dublab: 20 Years Of Future Roots Radio published in Autumn

1 semaine 6 jours ago

Book sets out to “bend time and space through sound”

A new publication, Dublab: 20 Years Of Future Roots Radio, travels back to the dawn of internet radio – “a pre-podcast/smartphone/social-media era with infinite potential”, say its editors, and then “flash forward for premonitions of other worlds, other sounds”.

Founded in 1999, the Los Angeles based Dublab station promises an algorithm-free experience. Over it's 20 year history it has provided an early platform for artists such as Flying Lotus, Animal Collective and Julia Holter. Hosts have included Van Dyke Parks, Linda Perhacs, Egyptian Lover and Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. Today it also has affiliate stations in Germany, Japan, Spain and Brazil.

“Readers who approach the book with open ears will undoubtedly enhance their own adventures in the music frontier,” promise the editors.

Dublab: 20 Years Of Future Roots Radio springs to life with scenes from sad music parties, all-night ambient happenings and multi-sensory underground events,” they continue. “Stories of sleepwalking DJs, thrift store album alchemy and sizzling circuit boards fill these pages. Wise elders, optimistic youth and receptive listeners share their sonic worldviews.”

Edited by Alejandro Cohen, JC Gabel and Mark ‘Frosty’ McNeill, it's published by Hat And Beard Press and is available for pre-order now.

Carlos Giffoni publishes comic book series

2 semaines ago

Musician and composer creates new hero Lou The Cat and releases accompanying music

Comic book publisher Dark Horse has a new hero on its books. A cat named Lou is the creation of Carlos Giffoni, the composer who, this August, will be making his debut into the word of comics creation. Conceived and written by Giffoni, the final product was produced alongside artist and colourist Juan Doe (The Fantastic Four In Puerto Rico, The Legion Of Monsters), and letterer Matt Krotzer (House Of Fear, Retcon). Cover artists include Dustin Nguyen, Jim Mahfood, Alexis Ziritt, Matteo Scalera and Sanford Greene.

“I have been a big fan of comic books since I was a kid,” explains Giffoni, “but in the last five years or so I re-discovered them and have been amazed at how much things had evolved artistically as well as the depth of the stories being told.”

It was his curiosity for process and execution that lead him to have a go at writing some comic scripts. “Something clicked in a way that it hadn't since I was 14 and started making music”.

“To make sure I wasn't crazy I started joining a few online communities of comic creators and writers and started sharing some of my work and polishing it. The reception was good enough for me to get confident about putting a full team together and creating a proposal. After exploring about 30 different ideas, this one felt by far like the strongest one. After a few failed attempts I found the perfect collaborators and a year and a half later, here we are.”

In Strayed, “life is bleak”, says the synopsis. “A military-industrial complex reigns over all humanity and is actively destroying distant alien worlds.[...] The fate of the universe rests in the paws of Lou, an astral-projecting cat and his loving owner Kiara.”

What inspired the story? “The political situation in Venezuela, in the US and the rest of the world was a big part of it. I started to think about how often charismatic leaders turn out to be con-artist pieces of shit that have very little empathy and are pushing their own obsessive beliefs without regard for the damage they are doing. I transposed that into the setting of this story. Taking that to a galactic level and contrasting with the concept of colonization of alien planets."

And what for Lou The Cat? “The second and immediately more personal aspect was the relationship between a human and their companion pet; these little furry creatures can be such an integral part of our lives. I wanted to take that concept and push it as far as I could by making a pet have unique abilities that might be able to save humanity while having a powerful bond with their owner. Mash those two ideas together and the result is Strayed.”

Giffoni will also be releasing 15 – 20 minutes' worth of new music with each publication via Bandcamp, “a sort of EP that can be used as a soundtrack for each chapter,” he explains. “It's going to be all super trippy electronic music, all made with analog equipment.”

Each comic in the series is also named after a piece of music or album that he says he loves: issue 1 is titled Space Is The Place.

So far there are five books in the series with future volumes in the pipeline. “I am also writing Space Riders: Vortex of Darkness with Alexis Ziritt on art for the Black Mask publisher, but that offer came later.”

Strayed will be published on 14 August and open to pre-order into local newsagents now.

Listen to the audio companion for Strayed 1 Strayed 1 by Carlos Giffoni

Val Wilmer wins Lona Foote/Bob Parent Award for Career Excellence in Photography

2 semaines 4 jours ago

Award given as part of the 24th annual Jazz Journalists Association awards

The Wire's longtime contributor Val Wilmer received the Lona Foote/Bob Parent Award for Career Excellence in Photography at the 24th annual Jazz Journalists Association Jazz Awards. Announced in May on the JJA website, the awards were chaired by another Wire contributor, Howard Mandel.

Elsewhere, the Lifetime Achievement in Jazz went to Ahmad Jamal and Tomeka Reid received Violinist-Violist-Cellist of the Year. Wayne Shorter was awarded Jazz Musician of the Year and Composer of the Year while the Wayne Shorter Quartet bagged mid-sized Ensemble of the Year. Nicole Mitchell won the flute category and Bill Frisell for guitar. Historical Record of the Year went to Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album by John Coltrane (release in 2018 on Impulse!/Verve).

Val Wilmer's latest piece for The Wire, on the life and times of Nigerian trumpeter Mike Falana, can be found in The Wire 424 – subscribers to our digital edition can read the article here.

Unsound explores the meaning of solidarity with Sunn O))), Moor Mother, DJ Marcelle and Nyege Nyege

2 semaines 4 jours ago

Passes and Sunn O))) tickets go on sale on 3 June at 4pm CEST

The theme of this year's Unsound Krakow festival, which takes place between 6–13 October, is Solidarity. “At a time of widespread instability, solidarity is a word that belongs to no one group,” they explain of the theme. “It takes as a starting point the 30th anniversary of democratic elections in Poland, a result of protests that spread across Central and Eastern Europe. 30 years on, the festival will explore what solidarity means today, in the context of the wider world and Unsound.”

Highlighting some of the festival's longterm relationships, the program is set to feature a number of premieres and new projects from returning artists. The line-up includes The Caretaker & Weirdcore, Emptyset, Eris Drew b2b Octo Octa, DJ Marcelle, Gabber Modus Operandi, HHY & The Macumbas + HHY & The Kampala Unit, Holly Herndon presents Proto, Jay Mitta & Ant Virus, JD Twitch, Manara, Moor Mother & London Contemporary Orchestra present The Great Bailout, Nazira, The Necks, Ilan Volkov & Sinfonietta Cracovia, Objekt × Ezra Miller, Olivia & Chino, Paula Temple, Population One, Prison Religion, Robert Henke, The Round Table Orchestra (formed especially for Unsound and the European Solidarity Centre), Sherelle b2b Fauzia, Sote presents Parallel Persia, Sunn O))), Violet, VTSS and WIXAPOL.

This year talks will come from Ayesha Hameed, DeForrest Brown Jr, Ewa Majewska, Jay Springett, John Higgs and Nathalie Olah.

Continuing the collaboration formed in 2017 the Ugandan record label and affiliated festival Nyege Nyege is working with Unsound to curate a programme focusing on East African artists; MCZO & DUKE have been rescheduled for this year's festival having been unable to attend 2017's event due to a misprint in their passports.

Terraforma announces full line up including DJ Stingray and Laurie Anderson

2 semaines 4 jours ago

This year also features a new site-specific stage

DJ sets from duo Marco Shuttle & Efdemin, DJ Stingray and Paquita Gordon plus Søte presenting his recent Diagonal release Parallel Persia and a performance from Lauren Anderson are a sample of what's in store at the 2019 edition of Terraforma festival.

Taking place on the grounds of Villa Arconti in Milan, the ‘sustainable’ event will this year present a new site-specific stage in collaboration with Belgian festival Meakusma. Kiosque à Musique was built with natural materials and designed to amplify sounds from its surrounding area. The new structure will host a residency from Francesco Cavaliere who will present a series of lectures titled C-Alphabetic Falls. It will also host authors and artists presenting work that focuses on gestures, words and language.

Also on the line-up are Marylou, Walter Prati & Ricciarda Belgiojoso, Izabel, Monolake, Vladimir Ivkovic, Renick Bell, Sir Richard Bishop, STILL, Ramzi, Donato Dozzy, RP Boo, Kelman Duran, Buttechno, Stargate (Lorenzo Senni), Juliana Huxtable, Mica Levi, Caterina Barbieri, Daniel Higgs and Bambounou.

Additionally, neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso will be hosting talks, and festival goers also have the chance to take a guided tour of the grand Villa Arconati.

Terraforma will take place between 5–7 July. Tickets are on sale now.

Meakusma festival finalises 2019 line up

2 semaines 5 jours ago

Kassem Mosse, Cera Khin and Arnold Dreyblatt are among those set to perform in September

Between 6–8 September Meakusma Festival will return to the town of Eupen, Belgium. Full details of what's in store have now been announced with a programme featuring concerts, DJs, installations, artist talks, workshops and film screenings.

Kassem Mosse, Mix Mup & Tapes will debut their new Zigtrax project. Also premiering is a first time collaboration between this year's artists in residents NWAQ aka Newworldaquarium and Don’t DJ. They'll be in Eupen a week before the festival developing new music to be presented at the event. LazyTapes's Cera Khin will also be playing a DJ set and La! Neu?'s Viktoria Wehrmeister will be performing solo as Decha.

Also on the line up is Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra Of Excited Strings, Günter Schickert featuring Andreas Spechtl, Harmonious Thelonious, Jens Uwe Beyer & Albert Oehlen, Koki Emura, Lee Gamble, Mazen Kerbaj & Franz Hautzinger, Meeuw Muzak, Piotr Kurek, Thomas Ankersmit, Ben UFO, Benjamin Finger, James Plotkin & Mia Zabelka, Disrupt, Don The Tiger, Elena Colombi, Eli Keszler, Giuseppe Lelasi, Going & Tetuzi Akiyama & Manuel Mota, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Nicola Ratti, Parris, Sirom, Tashi Wada Group featuring Julia Holter and Corey Fogel, Muqata’a and others.

Flipper announce 40th anniversary tour

2 semaines 6 jours ago

The San Francisco group have put together a special live line-up for the dates

Flipper have announced their 40th anniversary European tour will start in July. The group's line-up will consist of founding members Steve DePace on drums and Ted Falconi on guitar, plus David Yow of Scratch Acid and Jesus Lizard on vocals and Mike Watt of The Minutemen and Firehose.

In 1979 Flipper made their recording debut on Subterranean Records's SF Underground compilation with the track “Earthworm”. They followed it with two singles, “Love Canal”/“Ha Ha Ha” and “Sexbomb”/“Brainwash” in 1981. Their album Generic Flipper came out the following year.

The tour will commence on 30 July at Nottingham's Rescue Rooms, then Bristol (31), Blackpool (1 August), Glasgow (2), Leeds (3), London (4), Gent (5), Amsterdam (6), Aachen (8), Karlsruhe (9), Bologna (10), Milan (11), Padova (12), Vienna (13), Bielefeld (15), Hamburg (16), Helsinki (17). The tour closes at Berlin's Bi Nuu on 20 August.

Alfred Panou & Art Ensemble Of Chicago’s Je Suis Un Sauvage/Le Moral Necessaire reissued

3 semaines 3 jours ago

The Souffle Continu 7" was originally released by Saravah in 1969

French label Souffle Continu have reissued “Je Suis Un Sauvage”/“Le Moral Necessaire” – a 7" single documenting a rare 1969 meeting between French actor Alfred Panou and The Art Ensemble Of Chicago. 50 year old copies on Saravah now command high prices on the collectors market.

The encounter happened when Panou met Saravah label founder Pierre Barouh in a bar. Barouh took him on a tour of the studio where The Art Ensemble Of Chicago were recording. Panou immediately joined in with a spontaneous improvisation of his own texts on black identity.

The limited edition reissue is sleeved inside a reproduction of the original single’s artwork.

My Cat Is An Alien launch new record label and multimedia platform Antigravitational

3 semaines 3 jours ago

The Opalio brothers’ new phase focuses on “Aliencentric” vision

Maurizio and Roberto Opalio’s duo My Cat Is An Alien mark their third decade of sonic activity with the launch of a new record label and multimedia platform. Called Antigravitational, they set it up with gallerist and publisher Marco Contini. “The imprint focuses on MCIAA's ‘aliencentric’, iconoclastic vision, privileging limited vinyl editions whose peculiar, serial design features proper art books mounted on the LP jackets,” say the brothers. New releases will also feature QR codes providing further digital contents for a “deeply immersive experience”. To commemorate the moment, Thurston Moore has written a special poem titled Spiritual Noise, which begins: “Art is.../...nothing.../if not vision”.

The label’s first release is Spiritual Noise_Vol 1. That will be followed by a release featuring Lee Ranaldo and Jean-Marc Montera and a box sex of live recordings captured at Xavier Veilhan's Studio Venezia during the opening of Venice Biennale 2017.

AACM Great Black Music Ensemble pay tribute to vocalist Saalik Ziyad

3 semaines 3 jours ago

Conducted by Ernest Dawkins, AACM’s new live recording features Ben LaMar Gay, the late Saalik Ziyad, and others

A new live recording of AACM Great Black Music Ensemble at the Currency Exchange Cafe on 7 January 2018 has been released by the association’s label. The set pays tribute to vocalist Saalik Ziyad, who died on 12 February, aged 40. On the night the recording was made, Ziyad contributed keys, effects and vocals. “This recording is now a tribute to the life of featured vocalist Saalik Ziyad, who unexpectedly left this earth this year,” says Kevin Johnson, formerly of Chicago's Delmark Records. “Devastatingly sad news, but the beautiful and powerful music lives on.”

Led by Ernest Dawkins, AACM’s line-up features Maggie Brown, Taalib-Din Ziyad, Art Turk Burton, Micah Collier, Jeremiah Collier, Jerome Croswell, Ben LaMar Gay, Ed House and Adam Zanolini.

The group currently perform from 5–7pm on the first Sunday of each month at Chicago’s Stony Island Arts Bank.

Live At The Currency Exchange Cafe Volume 1 is out now.

A L’ARME! VII festival claims an anarchic approach to noise and drone

3 semaines 4 jours ago

The Berlin avant garde jazz & experimental music event runs from 31 July–3 August

“The A L’ARME! Festival can be defined in myriad ways,” declare its organisers, “and is constantly reinventing itself. The festival takes terms like ‘alarm’ and ‘avant garde’, which are shaped by their military origins, and rewrites them with an anarchic approach to noise and drone and a line-up that is as eclectic as it is exceptional.”

Opening at the end of July, the seventh iteration of the Berlin based experimental music festival will take place at Radialsystem and Säälchen at Holzmarkt. The line-up features Greg Fox, Will Brooks, Mats Gustafsson, Hans Joachim, Rieko Okuda & Hanna Schörken, Super Jazz Sandwich aka Florian Walter, Simon Camatta and Flavio Zanuttini, Els Vandeweyer, DJ Illvibe, Hamid Drake, Matana Roberts, the trio of Jan Jelinek, Hanno Leichtmann & Andrew Pekler, Irreversible Entanglements featuring Camae Ayewa, Keir Neuringer, Aquiles Navarro, Luke Stewart and Tcheser Holmes, and Talibam Ensemble.

Full listings and ticket information can be found on their website.

Important new releases by Harry Bertoia and Jacob Kirkegaard

3 semaines 4 jours ago

The two sound artists each explore different approaches to working with metal

In June Important Records will release three new albums with a common theme: metal. One is a reissue from the late Harry Bertoia, and the other two feature new recordings by Jacob Kirkegaard. “Using two completely different approaches to working with metal these two artists, a generation apart, create deep, singular works with metal sheets and rods,” says the label.

Cut straight from the original master tapes, Bertoia’s LP Experimental I/Mechanical I features the two tracks “Experimental I” and “Mechanical I”, while the CD version also includes the bonus track “Long Sounds”. The Bertoia release follows the resurrection of his Sonambient label by Important. “When the first new LP was released in 2016 we were only in possession of 1/20th of the archive,” states the label’s press release. “Now, in 2019, we're excited to release the first LP of new material from the full archive and we present it to increase understanding of what Bertoia was doing in his sound-barn deep in the Pennsylvania woods.”

Regarding Kirkegaard’s two new albums, Black Metal Square is released in an edition of 100 copies and its sounds are made from three free hanging black metal plates, while on Phonurgia Metallis you can hear the sounds of free hanging iron, copper and brass plates. The latter is pressed in a limited edition of 300 copies.

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