The Tapeworm celebrates tenth birthday

4 jours 13 heures ago

“Two bangin’ XWORM concerts in London town…” promises the cassette tape label

Cassette label The Tapeworm celebrates its tenth anniversary this September with two shows in London.

The first show will take place at South London venue Iklectik featuring live sets from Blood Music and Zeno van den Broek, Dale Cornish DJing his favourite Worm releases, Ken Hollings and Howlround making their debut collaborative performance, Tears|Ov premiering their forthcoming album, and a screening of a short film from People Like Us. The night will also see the launch of Savage Pencil (aka Edwin Pouncey, responsible for the Tapeworm illustration) and Barbara Frost's new Bookworm paperback Cuckoo Head Cool Dog. The collaborative publication arose from a creative exchange between the pair in which Frost responded with text to Pouncey's visual sketches.

The next gig on 29 September is at Dalston, East London’s Cafe Oto, featuring Jay Glass Dubs, Philip Jeck and Jana Winderen performing as a duo for the first time, saxophonist Laura Agnusdei premiering her new album Laurisilva, plus Marta de Pascalis, Stefan Goldmann, Simon Fisher Turner and Zerocrop.

Recital announce posthumous release of Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks album

5 jours 7 heures ago

Stones: Dreams includes one piece performed by Philip Corner

Stones: Dreams, the forthcoming posthumously released album of Fluxus artist Geoffrey Hendricks (1931–2018), was actually recorded in 2014 and features the painter's meditations with rocks, bells and wood.

Active for over 60 years, Hendricks worked alongside George Maciunas, John Cage and Dick Higgins, making him a prominent member of Fluxus. At some point in the 1970s composer Charlie Morrow asked Hendricks to record something for his Audiographics sound art cassette label. That never happened, but 40 years later Hendricks finally got to record his work at Ear Up Studios in New York.

Stones: Dreams also includes a 23 minute piece recently unearthed from the Hendricks archive. Called “Music For Sky Slate Wall”, it's a recording of Philip Corner responding to one of Hendricks’s installations at an Emily Harvey Foundation exhibition in 1999. It also includes a 16 page booklet of essays by Tyche Hendricks and Charlie Morrow, as well as diaries and artworks by Hendricks.

More information can be found on the Recital site. Listen to an excerpt below.

Benefit compilation in support of LGBTQIA+ organisations in Poland

5 jours 11 heures ago

Oramics collective and New York Haunted label boss Drvg Cvltvre present 113 track consciousness-raising album

The new benefit album Total Solidarity is released this week. Compiled by the Oramics collective and New York Haunted label, all proceeds from digital sales will be donated to two Polish organisations: Kampania Przeciw Homofobii and Miłość Nie Wyklucza. Both charities monitor homophobia and offer support services to the queer community in Poland. They will redistribute any money received to LGBTQIA+ organisations in smaller cities and towns throughout Poland.

The compilation has been put together as a response to the homophobic campaigns and anti-LGBT sentiment fuelled by Poland’s Law And Justice Party, far right media and the Catholic church. “We have heard that the LGBTQIA+ community is a plague, a dangerous ideology, a threat to morality and Polish culture and should be fought with fire. These words caused an eruption of violence,” reads the statement from Oramics. At the first ever Pride march in the city of Bialystok on 20 July, the LGBTQI+ community and their allies were met with physical violence and homophobic slurs from anti-Pride counter-marchers. “This atmosphere of disrespect, violence and hate leads many Polish queer people to depression, migration or even suicide.”

The compilation only took a week to compile, with over 100 tracks sent in support of the queer community in Poland. “Once again we want to pay respect to the roots of club culture in queer, people of colour, anti-gentrification, anti-state oppression struggle. We want to say sing and bang it out loud: queer rights are human rights. We’re in this together.”

Released on 17 August, pre-orders receive 20 tracks immediately and are available now on Bandcamp.

TOTAL SOLIDARITY - benefit compilation for grassroot LGBTQIA+ organizations in Poland by VA

33-33 announces collaboration with Laurel Halo

6 jours 7 heures ago

Eli Keszler, Rashad Becker and Ellen Arkbro are among the chosen

Laurel Halo and 33-33 have collaborated on a concert series happening in London throughout September. Called Mode, the line up includes Julia Holter, Eli Keszler and Tashi Wada Ensemble at The Round Chapel (18 September); Yosuke Fujita presents NOISEEM & Joachim Koester at Camden Arts Centre (19); and Rashad Becker, Parris, DEBONAIR, Steven Julien, DJ BONE, Laurel Halo and group A with Kat Day will perform at a secret location (21). Also at a venue yet to be revealed is GAS, Kali Malone, John Also Bennett, Ellen Arkbro and Beatrice Dillon (28). Plus Eliane Radigue has chosen Carol Robinson, Julia Eckhardt, Yannick Guedon and Bertrand Gauguet to perform new works from her OCCAM river series (24).

All events are listed on Facebook.

Unheard Moondog miniatures unearthed

1 semaine 4 jours ago

Two Moondog interpreters revisit the late composer’s more concise works

Dominique Ponty and Stefan Lakatos have recorded a new Moondog album containing known and previously unpublished miniatures spanning the composer’s lifetime.

Called Piano Trimba, a number of pieces included on this recording were originally dedicated to French pianist Ponty, who with Lakatos on trimba – a percussion instrument invented by Moondog in the late 1940s – had known and collaborated with Moondog before his death in 1999. “Stefan Lakatos is the leading exponent of the Moondog method of drum playing,” wrote Louis Hardin aka Moondog about the Swedish artist and musician he got to know and work with in the 1980s.

Piano Trimba is released on 27 September by Shiiin.

Joe Rigby RIP

1 semaine 5 jours ago

Saxophonist and educator Rigby worked with Milford Graves, Don Pullen and Arthur Doyle, among other projects

US musician Joe Rigby died on 16 July. Primarily a saxophonist, Rigby worked with Milford Graves on and off since the 1960s.

Born in 1940 in Harlem, New York, he became a fan of R&B and played the piano for pop group The Chantels. He turned to improvisation after hearing John Coltrane with The Miles Davis Sextet. An early job with Graves saw him play alongside Don Pullen, Arthur Williams, Hugh Glover and Arthur Doyle. In 1969 Rigby became president of the Black Students’ Union of Bronx Community College. He played with Steve Reid’s The Master Brotherhood, Ted Daniel’s Third World Energy Ensemble, Charles Tyler’s New World Ensemble, and others. In 1978 he led his own group Dynasty. In 1997, Graves, Glover and Rigby performed at New York’s Vision Festival. To finance his music career and support his family he undertook many jobs, from postal worker to taxi driver, and for 14 years taught music for the New York Board of Education until he retired in 2004.

Exploring Albanian polyphony on film and in the flesh

1 semaine 6 jours ago

Washed By The Moon documents Albanian musicians who continue to fly the traditional folk flag, six of whom will be touring the UK for the first time

Called Washed By The Moon, director Dan Shutt’s new film about Albanian polyphonic singing delves into the lives of three generations of musicians who still perform the folk style today. Its main protagonists include former Artist of the People Golik Jaupi, police commissioner Vullnet Silaj and the younger singer Endri Hodaj, who is also a barber.

“I was working in London in 2016, running a record label and recording music in my free time, when I heard a song called “Janinës ç'i Panë Sytë”,” says director Shutt, recalling his first encounter with the music. “This is a very famous song in southern Albania, with heartbreaking harmonies. It immediately made me quit my job and fly straight to Albania. With a chain of ridiculously good luck, me and my childhood friend Isaac, who is a great cinematographer, ended up in the building in which Albania declared independence in 1912 with a group of legendary polyphonic singers from the region. They vowed to give us their all simply in order to share their music with us, who were now their guests.”

With no funding to speak of, it took Shutt more than two years to complete his 55 minute film. “Albanian arts generally received state support during the communist times, as they helped contribute to the handy nationalist narrative that dictator Enver Hoxha used to support his regime, but since the country transitioned to democracy in the 1990s its population have been less isolated and the younger generations look away from their culture a little,” explains Shutt. “However, this music is still very much alive; we filmed with a group of 20 year olds who sing purely because the structure of the music is inherently community building. The drone can be sung by anyone, and the more people involved in a song, the stronger its emotional force. When these groups sing, windows rattle in their frames – the earth literally shakes.”

Premiered last year at Dokufest in Prizren, Kosovo, Washed By The Moon will be released via the Lush player streaming platform in October 2019. There will also be international screenings throughout September in London, Bristol, Copenhagen and Tbilisi.

Finally, the sextet Grupi Lab will tour the UK this autumn. Led by Jaupi, Grupi Lab are Vullnet Silaj, Virjon Lacaj, Engjell Tairaj, Robert Memaj and Sadush Kamaj. Their dates include an NTS Radio live broadcast and a performance at London Cafe Oto (10 October), Bristol The Cube (11), Gateshead Tusk (13), London House of Commons (14), Shetland Islands Shetland Arts (16), London SOAS (18).

Washed by the Moon - Official Trailer (HD) from Danchfilm on Vimeo.

King Britt and Joshua Mays win art prize

1 semaine 6 jours ago

The duo’s sight and sound installation is declared Best of Philly: Best Public Art

Philadelphia DJ and producer King Britt’s Mural Arts And Blue Design collaboration with American artist and muralist Joshua Mays has won the Best of Philly: Best Public Art award. Called Dreams, Diaspora And Destiny, their prizewinning piece is a large scale augmented reality mural in the Conestoga neighbourhood of Philadelphia. It’s designed to be experienced in conjunction with a smartphone app that brings life to the piece through image recognition and a score made up of recordings and interviews with the local community.

Ten CDs of unreleased Roland Kayn material unearthed

2 semaines 2 jours ago

Kayn’s daughter curates box set Scanning

A previously unreleased work by the late electronics composer Roland Kayn (1933–2011) is about to be made public. Described as “a fully realised consolidation of cybernetic music” made between 1982–83, it’s called Scanning and spans ten CDs of a new box set. Running to just over ten hours long, it completes his series of extended electronic works stretching from the late 1970s to the early 80s including Simultan and Elektroakustische Projekte (both released 1977), Makro I–III and Infra (both 1981), and Tektra (1984).

Last year Die Schachtel reissued Simultan as a three LP box set, and in 2017 the 14 hour composition A Little Electronic Milky Way Of Sound was released by Frozen Reeds as a 16 CD set.

Aside from a festival presentation and a radio broadcast in 2004, Scanning remains largely unheard until now. Remastered by Jim O’Rourke, the box set will be released in September by Kayn’s Reiger Records Reeks, now run by his daughter Ilse.

The Wire book shop best sellers list

2 semaines 5 jours ago

See a chart of the best selling titles in our online shop

Here are the current top 10 best selling books in our online shop. Click on the links to read more about each title. Don’t forget: subscribers to the magazine get automatic discounts on all the books and other merchandise in the shop.

1. David Toop, Flutter Echo

2. Teruto Soejima, Free Jazz In Japan

3. Tony Herrington (ed), Invisible Jukebox

4. Fermont & della Faile, Not Your World Music

5. Rob Young (ed), No Regrets

6. Lane & Carlyle, In The Field

7. Emma Warren, Make Some Space

8. Damo Suzuki & Paul Woods, I Am Damo Suzuki

9. Adrian Whittaker, Fitting Pieces To The Jigsaw

10. The Ex (eds), Getachew Mekuria

Liz Harris opens Atonal 2019 edition

2 semaines 5 jours ago

Berlin based festival runs from 28 August – 1 September

Liz Harris as Nivhek opens Berlin Atonal’s five night festival on 28 August, with UCC Harlo and Pavel Milyakov making up the bill. Other Atonal specials include a rare live set from Australian group HTRK, dBridge debuting new project Black Electric, and the mina collective taking over Tresor club.

Also confirmed are Mixmaster Morris, Marshstepper, Shapednoise with Pedro Maia, Shackleton, Vladislav Delay and AGF as Rakka, Félicia Atkinson, Roly Porter & MFO, SHYBOI, Sybil, Helm, JK Flesh, Nkisi presents Initiation, Félicia Atkinson presents Music for Helen Frankenthaler, Lee Gamble, Huerco S, Ziúr and many more.

Tickets are on sale now, costing from €37 per day.

Ras G has died

2 semaines 5 jours ago

Much loved producer on the Los Angeles beats scene has died at the age of 39

The death of Los Angeles based DJ and producer Gregory Shorter Jr aka Ras G was announced by Brainfeeder record label, which, along with Ramp and Leaving, had been releasing his hiphop instrumental productions as Ras G or Ras G And The Afrikan Space Program, since the mid-2000s.

Brainfeeder announced on Twitter, “It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to one of our brothers, Gregory Shorter, aka RAS G. We send our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends & fans worldwide. One of the founders of BRAINFEEDER & LA Beat Scene. Rest In Peace G. We love you. (Ohhh Rass! • Airhornn!).”

Ras G was the co-founder of Poo-Bah Record label alongside Ron Stivers and Black Monk, which started life as a record shop in Pasadena. His discography was vast, up to and including Dance Of The Cosmos, which was released earlier this year by Akashik.

Laurie Anderson, Tenzin Choegyal and Jesse Paris Smith collaborate on new release

3 semaines 2 jours ago

Smithsonian Folkways share a track from Songs From The Bardo

Smithsonian Folkways have announced the release of Songs From The Bardo, an 80 minute composition designed as as a guide through the visionary text of Tibetan Book Of The Dead, by Laurie Anderson, Tibetan singer and multi-instrumentalist Tenzin Choegyal and Jesse Paris Smith. Also featuring cellist Rubin Kodheli and percussionist Shahzad Ismaily, it was first performed at New York’s Rubin Museum of Art, .

Choegyal, who was born into a family of Tibetan nomads forced into exile in India, says in the album’s sleevenotes, “I have tried to channel the wisdom and traditions of my ancestors through my music in a very contemporary way while holding the depth of my lineage.” For the performance he uses a lingbu (a Tibetan bamboo flute), dranyen (a stringed lute-like instrument), singing bowls, a gong and vocals. (Patti Smith’s daughter) Jesse Paris Smith performs on piano and a collection of crystal bowls, while Anderson acts as narrator.

Songs From The Bardo is released on 27 September. Listen to the track “Lotus Born, No Need For Fear” here.

Trojan Records’ Reloaded imprint shares new video

3 semaines 2 jours ago

UK sound system Reggae Roast tracks mark the sub-label’s launch

Trojan Records' sub-label Trojan Reloaded launched last year with the aim of showcasing only the “sounds of now” from a pool of UK talent, while continuing Trojan's commitment to the ever-evolving genre of reggae. Its first release: the UK sound system Reggae Roast 7" “Real Reggae Music” featuring Tippa Irie.

Now Trojan Reloaded share a video of Reggae Roast’s rework of “Sensi Skank Reloaded”, featuring Ruben Da Silva, with visuals that act as a “homage to one of the most versatile plants in the world”. It's available as a 10" via Trojan's online store. Watch the video below.

Betty Davis releases first new song since 1979

3 semaines 4 jours ago

The funk songwriter and vocalist breaks her 40 year silence with “A Little Bit Hot Tonight”

Betty Davis’s first new music offering in 40 years was actually conceived in the late 1970s while she was living in Japan, the singer revealed in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette interview.

Called “A Little Bit Hot Tonight”, the new release also features vocals from Danielle Maggio, an ethnomusicologist and singer that Davis met through Philip Cox, director of the Betty Davis documentary They Say I'm Different (2017). “Betty eventually heard me sing and took a liking to my voice,” Maggio told Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “She told me she was working on a song for me, and I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t think it was actually happening until she laid down two hand-written pages of lyrics in front of me a few months ago.”

Davis says the song is “sort of jazz-oriented” and was “inspired by a musician named [Itsuroh] Shimoda from Japan. I took the East and blended it with the West and we came up with a good blend for the production of the song.”

She also told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that there is more music available for potential release.

Davis has been described as the Queen of Funk, while her former husband Miles Davis called her the female Prince. In 1973 she released They Say I'm Different, and followed it a year later with Nasty Gal. Her music career was cut short in the 1980s when she moved back to Homestead, Pennsylvania to look after her sick father. In 2007 Light In The Attic released a compilation album titled Betty Davis, followed by a collection of remastered unheard music in Betty Davis: The Unheard Columbia Years 1968–1969.

You can listen to “A Little Bit Hot Tonight” on Bandcamp.

Denzil Forrester reinterprets Three Wicked Men (1982)

3 semaines 4 jours ago

The artist borrowed his title from Reggae George's 1981 track

Denzil Forrester is working on a new commission for Art On The Underground. Called Brixton Blue, it’s a large-scale interpretation of Three Wicked Men (1982), which borrowed its title from the 1981 Reggae George track, and will go on display from 19 September 2019–April 2020 at South London’s Brixton Underground station.

Forrester is using 1980s Brixton murals as his inspiration. This seminal work, now in the collection of London Tate, was originally painted while Forrester was studying at London Royal College of Art. Taking its title from the Reggae George track, it portrays “three wicked men” – a policeman, a politician and a businessman – along with Winston Rose, a friend of Forrester’s who died while under police restraint in 1981.

Denzil Forrester, Domino Hunters, 1985

Much of Forrester's early works documented rising tensions between police and the Afro-Caribbean community while focusing on the UK’s underground reggae and dub scenes. “Music and dance were, and still are, my main sources of inspiration,” he notes. “I was lucky to be in Hackney at the right time – the 80s. I had access to all the major ‘dub’ blues nightclubs: Phebes, All Nations and Four Aces. For the very first time I was in a big space with dub reggae playing at maximum volume, it was a piece of heaven on Earth.

“I began to take my sketchbook, A1 paper and drawing equipment and draw. It was dark and smoky. I didn't care what the people looked like – I just wanted to draw movement, action and expression. I was interested in the feeling and energy of the crowd. Particular dance movements and clothing play an important part in my gesture drawings. In these clubs, city life is recreated in essence – sounds, lights, police sirens, bodies pushing and swaying back and forth and all in a smoke-filled room. Sometimes the atmosphere was momentarily broken by another group of people, dressed only in blue.”

Ben Johnston 1926–2019

3 semaines 4 jours ago

US composer at the forefront of microtonality died on 21 July, aged 93

The news of Benjamin Burwell Johnston’s death on 21 July was announced on Twitter by Jon Roy, who runs the New Dissonance Twitter account about the US composer and scholar’s music research and performance. “It is with a heavy heart that I write that Ben Johnston passed away today at the age of 93,” reads the announcement. “Ben was a composer of music, theorist, academician, author, mentor and personally speaking – a dear friend.”

Johnston was born in 1926 in Macon, Georgia. He was in the US navy for two years from 1944–46 and then went on to teach composition and theory at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign from 1951–86. His students included Stuart Saunders Smith, Neely Bruce, Thomas Albert, Michael Pisaro, Manfred Stahnke and Kyle Gann.

Johnston himself collaborated with Harry Partch, organising the 1957 premiere of the latter’s The Bewitched. From 1960 onwards he worked almost exclusively with microtonal notation. He proposed the term extended just intonation, testing possibilities of just intonation with traditional western instruments in configurations such as a string quartet. He also explored surrealism in music and, influenced by his friend and mentor John Cage, indeterminacy. Johnston’s 1986 Quartet No 8 marked the beginning of his neoclassical phase.

In 2016 The Kepler Quartet, who’d spent 14 years studying the works of Johnston, released the third and final disc of their series documenting his complete cycle of string quartets on New World Records. A Ben Johnston Microtonal Scholarship exists at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Johnston died at his home near Madison, Wisconsin after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease and dementia.

Moscow’s fifth Fields Festival happens next month

3 semaines 5 jours ago

The Wire Sound System to play tunes, host talks and present a lecture titled Songs In The Key Of Strife

Taking place at Moscow’s new arts space Mutabor over two days in August, this year’s Fields Festival sets to “abolished genre restrictions” with an international programme of over 30 performances, some of them Russian premieres.

The line-up features Senyawa, SHXCXCHCXSH, Carla Dal Forno, Kemialliset Ystävät, SSTROM, Vladimir Martynov & Moa Pillar, Ishome, Kedr Livanskiy, Kymatic, ПТУ, Kate NV, Misha Mishenko, Vtgnike, Marzahn, SAD, HP aka Russell Haswell & Powell, NHK, Sote, Carl Stone and Yussef Abouzeid, among many others.

In addition, New New World Radio have curated a selection of performances from Graham Dunning, Sonestrose, Виды Рыб, Arthur Kuzmin, Denis Smagin, Ored Recordings, Хава Хамзатова, Заур Нагоев and Jrpjej.

The Wire sound system will also be there, with Chris Bohn, Shane Woolman and Emily Bick taking charge of the decks on Saturday. Emily will also be hosting a live Invisible Jukebox with Carl Stone, Shane will be talking to Kate NV. And all three will present Songs In The Key Of Strife – a lightning quick survey of The Wire’s first four decades of adventures in sound and music.

Fields’ music events happen over the weekend of 10–11 August, preceded by the above mentioned talks on Thursday and Friday.

Mute share The Normal’s contribution to its box of John Cage 4'33" takes

3 semaines 5 jours ago

Featuring over 50 artists, STUMM433 is the latest in the Mute 4.0 (1978 > Tomorrow) series

Mute have shared a track from its forthcoming box set of John Cage interpretations. The new piece is by Mute founder Daniel Miller aka The Normal, under which pseudonym he launched the label back in 1978 with the 7" single “TVOD”/“Warm Leatherette”.

Called STUMM433, the set is the latest in Mute’s 4.0 (1978 > Tomorrow) series, compiling new tracks from the label’s roster of artists. It’s released in a limited vinyl edition of 433, and also in CD and download formats.

The 50-odd takes of John Cage’s 4'33" are by the likes of Ben Frost, Bruce Gilbert, Cabaret Voltaire, Carter Tutti Void, Chris Carter, Chris Liebing, Daniel Blumberg, Danny Briottet, Depeche Mode, Einstürzende Neubauten, Erasure, Irmin Schmidt, Laibach, Land Observations, Lee Ranaldo, Liars, Phew, Pink Grease, Pole, Polly Scattergood, Silicon Teens, Simon Fisher Turner and Edmund de Waal, The Warlocks, Wire, Yann Tiersen and Gareth Jones.

The vinyl edition includes artwork by the musicians and 28 designers who’ve worked with Mute over the years. Also included is a special set of candles designed by Joseph Quartana of Six Scents Parfums.

“John Cage’s 4'33" has been present in my musical life for as long as I can remember as an important and inspiring composition,” says Daniel Miller. “When the idea of every Mute artist doing their own interpretation of the piece came up during a conversation with Simon Fisher Turner, I immediately thought this was the perfect way to mark the label’s MUTE 4.0 (1978 > TOMORROW) series.”

Net profits will be split between the British Tinnitus Association and Music Minds Matter in honour of Inspiral Carpets’ founding member Craig Gill, who had suffered from anxiety and depression as a result of tinnitus.

Listen to Miller aka The Normal’s take on 4'33" below.

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