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First major retrospective of multidisciplinary works by Milford Graves

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Milford Graves: A Mind-Body Deal will run at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Philadelphia from 25 September to 24 January

A major retrospective of multidisciplinary works by the master drummer Milford Graves will open in September at the Institute of Contemporary Arts Philadelphia, in partnership with Ars Nova Workshop. Milford Graves: A Mind-Body Deal explores the life and practice of Graves over six decades and comprises of over 40 works.

The exhibition is an attempt to open the “doors of his habitat”, with the show’s curator, Mark Christman, visiting Graves at home to gather works for the exhibition. His home in Jamaica, Queens, is packed with his creative inquiries, including a dojo, and a basement full of drums, prints, sculptures, and a laboratory of heart monitoring equipment. Graves has been studying the heartbeat as it relates to rhythm since the 1970s, and in 2018 was diagnosed with amyloid cardiomyopathy, sometimes called stiff heart syndrome.

In addition, the exhibition includes photographs, costumes and archival recordings. Graves still performs and hosts events from his home – his continued research and home remedies for his condition are documented in a recent article in the New York Times – and he hopes to stream live during the exhibition.

The multitalented Graves has also patented stem cell regeneration technology that utilises frequency response, and he teaches gardening and herbology to his neighbours as a way to promote health.

Milford Graves: A Mind-Body Deal is organised alongside Anthony Elms and Jake Meginsky (director of recent documentary Milford Graves Full Mantis). It will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue to be published by Inventory Press. Graves was on the cover of The Wire 409, March 2018.

Aki Onda releases three albums over three months

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The first release Rupture was inspired by southern Italian folktale of Tarantism

Aki Onda has three new albums on the horizon. The first one, Rupture, was inspired by the southern Italian folktale of Tarantism. Myth would have it that a bite from a tarantula would provoke extreme spiritual possession in its victims, leading to frenzied dancing and a series of folk dances, called the Tarantella. The legend and practice were widespread until the 18th century, though have since faded into obscurity. Recently the theme was also the subject of a project by FLEE in 2019 with the release Tarantismo: Odyssey Of An Italian Ritual.

“I was inspired by the phenomenon and began to listen to the traditional folk music of the region,” explains Onda. “These are quoted into the tracks, mostly in indirect ways but occasionally directly sampled.”

The other two release forthcoming include his first duo album with Japanese artist Nao Nishihara on Fttari, and his third album with frequent collaborator Akio Suzuki on Hasana Editions. Both expand on his interest in sonic explorations and the use of handmade instruments and found objects.

Listen to the title track “Rupture”.

Rupture by Aki Onda

Ethiopian Records launches crowdfunding campaign for new release Wel

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The pioneer of Ethiopiyawi electronic music calls for a “joyful, loving, global revolution” with new double EP

”[The] Wel EP re-imagines a world where we come together as one, take charge of our fate, and move towards common goals in tackling the many global problems we face as a species,” says Endeguena Mulu aka Ethiopian Records, a co-founder of the style known as Ethiopiyawi electronic. “Artists and creative industry players in almost all African countries identify the lack of funds as the major challenge in their journey to create, promote and sustain their creative career. Although the creative sector can play a significant role in the growth and development of the African economy, governments and the private sector do not have a structured support system, policies on the industry and neither do they consider it a priority. This has created an environment where funds for the creative sector are ignored leaving artists without a glimmer of hope to advance their creative journey.”

He continues, “now that COVID-19 pandemic has hit the creative industry big time, African artists are in an even more pressing situation where they have to not only to consider immediate economic situation, but also have to think about the longer-term future.”

The title Wel (ወል) translates as In Common and was inspired by the poet Laureate Tsegaye Gabre-Medhin. The release will include ten tracks plus two videos and other visual artworks from 23 artists. The campaign is intended to support Mulu and the collaborating artists' careers and day-to-day livelihood, with donor perks ranging from a pre-order copy of the EP to a private virtual tour and interactive music lessons. More details via

Tusk Virtual update

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More acts and films announced for the Gateshead online festival

More acts and a film programme have been added to this year's Tusk event – a “multi-sensory showcase of sonic adventures” run in partnership with Sage Gateshead.

The festival has greatly expanded on its regular film programme, central to which is Dental Practice, a newly commissioned ten part serial by Edinburgh based animator and comic artist Malcy Duff. “I grew up next door to ‘The Jazz Dentist’,” explains Duff. “I could never hear the sound of drilling, or teeth being pulled, but occasional guitar and drums would gently gurgle through the walls. This cartoon is not about that dentist. Dental Practice is a cartoon (tooncar) with a silent soundtrack split into ten parts. It tells the story of a dentist and their patient(s) as they look into each other’s mouths. I would encourage the viewer to treat this cartoon like a neighbour of the wonderful music at this festival. Place your ear on the wall.”

Other participants in the film strand include Vicki Bennett, David Tibet, Sir Richard Bishop, Los Siquicos Litoralenos and Church Of Satan founder Anton LaVey. Tusk will also show archive footage from 2012 and 2013 editions including performances from Hijokaidan, Hieroglyphic Being, Fushitsusha, Endon, Smegma, Oren Ambarchi and Eyvind Kand & Jessika Kenney.

In addition, Tusk Fringe will be presenting performances from Wanda Group, Yol, Plastiglomerate, Ghosh and Drvg Cvltvre. Meanwhile, the main line-up includes Eiko Ishibashi & Jim O’rourke, Roscoe Mitchell, Deathprod, Aaron Dilloway, The Dead C, Horse Lords, Yeah You, OOIOO, Maja SK Ratkje, Nihiloxica, Mariam Rezaei x Stephen Bishop, Angel Bat Dawid, Moulay Ahmed Elhassani, Guttersnipe, Gaelynn Lea, Blood Stereo, Sarah Hennies, Yoni Silver, Nour Mobarak, St James Infirmary, Laura Cannell, Opal Tapes, The Tenses, Evicshen, Crank Sturgeon, Blóm, Chlorine, Erika Leaman & Jordan Edge, Skull Mask, Territorial Gobbing, Angharad Davies, Robert Ridley-Shackleton and Lump Hammer

Tusk Virtual 2020 will take place online from 28 September–11 October.

Dhanveer Singh Brar book opens the page on Dean Blunt's BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow

6 jours 2 heures ago

The Goldsmiths lecturer begins a dialogue about Blackness in Britain through the musician's 2016 album

Through his new book Beefy’s Tune (Dean Blunt Edit) London Goldsmiths lecturer Dhanveer Singh Brar has opened a conversation with the music of Dean Blunt. Focusing on Blunt’s 2016 album BBF Hosted By DJ Escrow, his essay addresses what he sees as the musician's indifference to Britain, while acknowledging the depth and complexity of his portrayal of Blackness in the UK.

Brar’s Beefy’s Tune (Dean Blunt Edit) is published by the87press. His second book Teklife, Ghettoville, Eski: The Sonic Ecologies Of Black Music In The Early Twenty-First Century will be published by Goldsmiths Press/MIT Press in Spring 2021.

CTM 2021 launches three open calls for works

6 jours 9 heures ago

The Berlin based festival plans to go ahead with its next edition in the new year from 22–31 January

Transformation is the theme of the 22nd CTM festival, which its organisers describe as its Pandemic Edition. “If there is one thing the past year has shown, it is that the grotesque inequalities on this planet – whether social, ecological, or political – cannot be sustained,” declares CTM’s press statement. “What seemingly began as a health emergency is rather an intertwining of environmental, social, economic and political crises – and part of a global crisis of equity and of care.

“Amidst fragmented narratives and realities,” the statement continues, “how might we envision a different future?”

Three open calls have also been announced. As usual, CTM Radio Lab seeks proposals for works that combine radio and live performance or installation, and which are connected to the current festival theme. Open to artists worldwide, the commissioned works will premiere at CTM 2021 in Berlin and also broadcast as a 40–55 minute radio show in Deutschlandfunk Kultur’s Klangkunst programme. The Österreichischer Rundfunk (Austrian Broadcasting Service) will also showcase the works via one or more of its platforms. Special restrictions in line with COVID-19 requirements have also been put in place. Proposals should take into account that a presentation of the work may not be possible in front of a live audience, and applicants from outside of the EU should be prepared to participate remotely. They also recommend artists take into account social distancing measures and suggest interesting presentation alternatives. Deadline is 16 September 2020.

Other open calls include one for generative audio works for the festival’s Kontinuum strand. The call invites composers and musicians to submit proposals for a generative audio stream to be played 24/7 over the course of a year. “The stream should have a narrative quality in the broadest sense of the term, with special attention paid to how the stream/sound piece develops over time in a compelling way. The work should refer to the CTM 2021 Transformation theme, and respond to states of multiplicity.” FInally, the Research Networking Day 2021 seeks students and scholars to submit critical research presentations from all areas of study that also address the scope of CTM’s Transformation theme.

This year CTM has also launched a new website that promises not only festival information but also essays and articles previously printed in its yearly CTM magazine.

AG Cook shares excerpt from 49 track album on PC Music

1 semaine ago

Called 7G, the seven disc box set is divided according to its instrumentation

PC Music has announced the release of a massive 49 track box set by its founder AG Cook. Called 7G, the music is spread are across seven discs, each of them following a different theme determined by instrumentation: AG Drums, AG Guitar, AG Supersaw, AG Piano, AG Nord, AG Spoken Word and AG Extreme Vocals. Not only that, purchases made on Bandcamp come with some emailed add-ons, including AG Data of extra images, text, sound & MIDI; the 30 minute audio file AG Waveform; and AG Zoom, a virtual card for VIP entry to a 7G event, listening party and afterparty.

Pop covers include artists Blur, Taylor Swift, Charli XCX, The Strokes, The Smashing Pumpkins, Tommy James And The Shondells, Life Sim and Sia, and the set features vocal contributions from Caroline Polachek, Tommy Cash, Hannah Diamond, Cecile Believe and Alaska Reid.

AG Cook’s 7G is released on 12 August by PC Music. Listen to this seven minute mix.

Brian Eno’s diary republished after 25 years

1 semaine ago

Available in November, it includes a new introduction by the artist

The 25th anniversary edition of Brian Eno's A Year With Swollen Appendices will be published in November in the UK and early next year in the US. Covering the year of 1995, the diary documents his collaborative work with artists including David Bowie, U2, James and Jah Wobble, plus essays on generative and ambient music, and the role of the artist and their work. It also features a new foreword by Eno himself.

A Year With Swollen Appendices will be published as an eBook and in a hardcover edition redesigned in the same size as the original diary by Faber and Faber on 19 November in the UK and 9 February 2021 in the US.

Rama and ZULI release compilation providing snapshot of closed video series irsh

1 semaine ago

The freshly launched station in Cairo came to an abrupt halt under lockdown

Back in January, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Cairo residents Rama and ZULI launched a new video series of live music and DJ sets called irsh; an excuse, they said, to hang out with their friends and play music. “If you’re not entirely into house and techno, neither are you into partying for partying’s sake,” they say, “then Cairo can be quite boring.” Unfortunately, social distancing measures bought the new channel to an abrupt halt not long after its launch.

The pair have since compiled did you mean irish, including tracks from their circle of friends and affiliates, some of whom have already performed on irsh and others who are set to do so in the future. Artists featured are ZULI himself, Ma3azef’s ABADIR, Karem Lofty, 3Phaz, Abdullah Miniawy together with HVAD, BLTNM’s Al Nather, Tor5y x Lil Asaf, ltfll, El Kontessa, and Onsy.

Did you mean: irish is released on 25 September. You can watch previous broadcasts on their YouTube channel.

Listen to Abdullah Miniawy & HVAD’s “The Dirty Canes Lake” from did you mean: irish

did you mean: irish by Abdullah Miniawy & HVAD

Watch a DJ set with ZULI, 1127, Rama, Al Nather, $$$TAG$$$, mmmmmmalak and Shabmouri

Livestream celebrates Mark Harvey Group’s long lost 1971 recordings

1 semaine 1 jour ago

Surviving members Harvey and Peter H Bloom have released the quartet’s newly discovered antiwar concert album A Rite For All Souls

The Mark Harvey Group launch their live album A Rite For All Souls with a livestreamed event on 9 August. Released earlier this month, the LP comprises of a newly discovered recording of a 1971 concert by the free jazz quartet, featuring trumpeter and composer Harvey, woodwind player Peter H Bloom, and the late percussionists Craig Ellis and Michael Standish.

The fully improvised 90 minute concert took place on 31 October that year at Boston, Massachusetts’s Old West Church. At the time, Harvey and his group were mourning, protesting and commemorating losses of the Vietnam War. The recording was discovered by Harvey on reel-to-reel tapes in his basement. “Today,” he says, “we find ourselves in another dark and tumultuous time [...] Then, as now, we search for spiritual healing and the rediscovery of a common humanity.”

At the event, veteran jazz writer Bob Blumenthal will host interviews with Harvey and Bloom and stream excerpts from the new release. Harvey is also the founder of Aardvark Jazz Orchestra. The event is free but a reservation is required.

A Rite For All Souls has been remastered and released via Americas Musicworks.

The Heshoo Beshoo Group share “Wait And See” single from forthcoming reissue

1 semaine 2 jours ago

Called Armitage Road, the South African jazz outfit’s only LP was originally released in 1970

The Canadian label We Are Busy Bodies have announced the release of The Heshoo Beshoo Group’s only album and shared its lead single “Wait And See”. Called Armitage Road, it was originally released in 1970 by the EMI subsidiary label Little Giant.

Formed in 1969 by Henry Sithole, The Heshoo Beshoo Group included Henry's brother Stanley Sithole, guitarist Cyril Magubane (responsible for writing much of the LP), bassist Ernest Mothle and drummer/percussionist Nelson Magwaza. In a nod to The Beatles' Abbey Road sleeve, the original LP cover shows the band members crossing the township street Armitage Road in Orlando, Johannesburg, the then address of 24 year old Magubane. Pictured on the sleeve in a chair, he was struck with polio in childhood.

Once disbanded, Henry Sithole, along with Bunny Luthuli, went on to form South Africa group The Drive. They both died in a car accident in Tzaneen on 5 May 1977. Magwaza also played in The Drive, while Mothle left the country and joined other South African exiles in the London based group Jabula.

Armitage Road was released in France by Columbia in 1971, and by His Master’s Voice with a colourised cover in 1974. This newly remastered reissue will be released on 30 October in Vinyl, CD and digital formats.

Heshoo Beshoo Group - Armitage Road by Heshoo Beshoo Group

Liquid Architecture’s audio archive transformed into podcast series

1 semaine 6 jours ago

Australian arts collective publish their archives for free, and ask members of their community to dust off their CD-Rs, minidiscs and DAT tapes

Australian organisation Liquid Architecture have turned their 20-year audio archive into a podcast series featuring performances, lectures and conversations with artists, musicians, activists and thinkers working with sound.

Produced by Mara Schwerdtfeger, episodes are available on iTunes, Mixcloud and YouTube, and feature Suzanne Kite, Hannah Catherine Jones, Michel Chion, Douglas Kahn, Chino Amobi, Melbourne Georgian Choir, Holly Herndon, Natasha Tontey, and many others.

They are also calling out for any related materials from artists, audiences and friends, “because all archiving is a collective undertaking, and because our memories and matter aren’t always aligned”, as they step towards expanding the archive into a fully digital open-access collection. You can get in touch with them by emailing

Makaya McCraven shares new track “Beat Science” from soundtrack to forthcoming documentary

1 semaine 6 jours ago

The new album Universal Beings E&F Sides presents fourteen new pieces set to accompany new documentary Universal Beings

Chicago-based drummer has released the second single from his new album Universal Beings E&F Sides. Called “Beat Science” it was recorded at H010 in Ridgewood, Queens, New York and features Brandee Younger on harp, Joel Ross on vibraphone and Dezron Douglas on double bass.

Following his reimagined Gil Scott-Heron album We're New Again, released earlier this year on XL Recordings, the new album acts as an addendum to his 2018 release Universal Beings and was composed as the soundtrack to the forthcoming documentary of the same name.

The documentary itself was directed by Mark Pallman and follows McCraven to Los Angeles, Chicago, London and New York City, focusing on his life and the community of musicians that surround it.

The Universal Beings documentary and Universal Beings E&F Sides album will be released on 31 July 31st on International Anthem.

Listen to “Beat Science”

Universal Beings E&F Sides by Makaya McCraven

Watch an excerpt from the documentary.

Band of many voices: Alligator Gozaimasu release first episode in 2020 series

2 semaines ago

Featuring Miboujin, Cup & Saucers, Aoi Swimming and more, their lockdown album is out on 24 July

The 60-strong sound collective Alligator Gozaimasu have announced a new release called Solange Bunte Balken Durchlaufen. Translating as As Long As Render Bars Go Colourful, the title’s a nod to the process of rendering audio or video. Alligator Gozaimasu was founded in 2014 when Stephanie Müller of Beisspony and Kimya Dawson worked with Cup & Saucers, Takeshi Hattori, Miboujin, Otaco, Aoi Swimming and Shimettainu during a residency in Sapporo, Japan. The global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns spurred this continuing collaboration, now featuring a much expanded collective taking in artists and musicians from Austria, Germany, Finland, Italy, Japan, Senegal, Spain, Turkey, UK and the US. Their scattered members shared sonic fragments, voices and noises online, culminating in the first episode, Solange Bunte Balken Durchlaufen: “An album that is open for all the different circumstances and needs of such a large band, an album that celebrates mood swings and listens closely to the different tempi in these days.”

Alligator Gozaimasu will release this first episode on 24 July, with future episodes to follow on a monthly basis until December 2020. All money raised will be donated to the Sea Watch eV, a nonprofit organisation that conducts civil search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

EPISODE #1 Solange Bunte Balken Durchlaufen by ALLIGATOR GOZAIMASU

Richard Skelton shares track from new LP

2 semaines 2 jours ago

These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound is released by Phantom Limb on 25 September

Richard Skelton has teamed up with Phantom Limb for his forthcoming album These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound. Skelton has released over 50 albums since 2004, but this is his first vinyl LP in over a decade. Marking another first, These Charms sees Skelton abandon his signature acoustic instrumentation to map out a new sound from sine tones, distortion and bass. Yet the music was still composed in “rural isolation” and “intricately and indelibly bound to its local geography; in this case, the low, broad valleys of the Scottish Borders”. The album and track titles come from 19th century translations of Anglo-Saxon medicinal remedies.

Listen to “For The Application Of Fire”. Pre-order on Bandcamp.

These Charms May Be Sung Over A Wound by Richard Skelton

Jeff Mills, Eddie Fowlkes and Jessica Care Moore go public as The Beneficiaries

2 semaines 2 jours ago

The Crystal City Is Alive is released on 24 July by Axis Records

Detroit techno pioneers Jeff Mills and Eddie Fowlkes have joined forces with poet Jessica Care Moore in a new trio called The Beneficiaries. Their debut record The Crystal City Is Alive is produced by Mills and Fowlkes and features sleeve art by Sabrina Nelson, another Detroit native, marking a coming together of various sectors in the city's artistic community. As John-Paul Shiver writes in his review in The Wire 438, Greg Tate’s sleevenotes describe the trio as “beneficiaries of Black Detroit’s multidimensional legacies of selfsufficiency and sonic futurism”.

“The D,” John-Paul continues, “has been the crucible for the creation of many boundary pushing genres over the years, largely due to the work and innovation of black musicians in the city.”

He adds: “These chefs waste no time and get right to burning.”

Head over to Jeff Mill's Facebook page to hear a teaser, and read John-Paul Shiver's review in full via Exact Editions. The Crystal City Is Alive is released on 24 July by Axis.

Unsound announce events in the lead up to October

2 semaines 6 jours ago

Online programme includes discussions, mixes and workshops

Unsound has started releasing information about this year's programme. Having already scheduled activities during its usual slot in Krakow in October, this summer will see the music festival move online to host a selection of streams and mixes.

First up is the open-access series Black Techno Futures: Local And Global Perspectives. Taking a place on 23 July and programmed and hosted by Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson of Discwoman and Brooklyn’s Dweller Festival, the discussion will explore the challenges of working as a Black person in the music industry and what needs to change. Panelists include Jasmine Infiniti, Lakuti, Axmed Maxamed, Authentically Plastic and Onirica. Next will be an online five-day workshop dedicated to working in the music industry during the pandemic and beyond. Sessions taking place from 19–20 and 26–28 September will be fronted by artist agencies, managers, promoters, curators, publishers, music journalists and lawyers, including Laetitia Deering of Annex agency, Matt Werth of the RVNG Intl label, Mr Mitch of Gobstopper Records, Gamall Awad of Backspin Promotions, and festival producers Lisa Meyer of Supersonic, Wire contributor Stephanie Phillips of Decolonise Fest, Jan Rohlf of CTM and Mat Schulz of Unsound itself. Places are limited. The application form, full list of speakers and the schedule can be found on their website.

Finally, Unsound and SHAPE have worked together with Warsaw’s Radio Kapitał to present the Intermission Studio mix series. Launching on 22 July, the line-up features Fausto Mercier, VTSS, Poly Chain, Svetlana Maras, FOQL, Rojin Sharafi, Object Blue and Aquarian.

Don and Moki Cherry's collaborations are the subject of a new book

2 semaines 6 jours ago

Organic Music Societies is edited by the pair's granddaughter Naima Karlsson and published by Blank Forms

Edited by Blank Forms artistic director Lawrence Kumpf, Neneh Cherry's daughter Naima Karlsson and writer Magnus Nygren, Organic Music Societies is a new book collecting archival documents and new writings on the intermedia collaborations of Don and Moki Cherry.

The book covers a period from the 1960s when the Cherrys's home in Tågarp, Sweden became a hub for musicians, poets, actors and artists. Included alongside texts from Don and Moki Cherry are contributions from Keith Knox, Rita Knox, Bengt af Klintberg, Iris R Orton, Åke Holmquist, Pandit Pran Nath, John Esam, Michael Lindfield, Sidsel Paaske, George Trolin, Alan Halkyard, Ben Young, Christer Bothén, Bengt Berger and Fumi Okiji, plus interviews with Don Cherry, Terry Riley and Steve Roney.

Organic Music Societies is available for pre-order now and expected to ship on 27 October.

In other Cherry family news, Blank Forms is putting out the debut LP by duo of Naima Karlsson and Kenichi Iwasa, who perform as Exotic Sin. Titled Customer’s Copy, the album is released on 21 August.

Exotic Sin aka Kenichi Iwasa (left) and Naima Karlsson. Photo by Lena Shkoda

Wysing Polyphonic go online with The Ungoverned

3 semaines ago

Between 3–31 August and 5 September, there will be a programme of mixes, soundscapes, live performance and poetry readings

Cambridge festival Wysing Polyphonic have announced a major online streaming event running throughout August and into September. This year's theme is marked as The Ungoverned, and looks at ways to “deconstruct normativity through collaboration, exchange, texts, ephemeral gestures and other languages.” The programme, they say, “emphasises the importance of difference and diverse ways of communicating: the morphing of words to choreographies, soundscapes, dialects and voices.”

The first part will take place in August and will see CRYSTALLMESS, mobilegirl, LYZZA, AUDINT and Hannah Catherine Jones presenting mixes and soundscapes via Following that will be an event on 5 September with a special live broadcast of readings from Whiskey Chow, Rachel Long and Tanaka Fuego, and a newly commissioned performance from choreographer and dancer Maëva Berthelot and musician Coby Sey, both of whom are in-residence at Wysing for two weeks prior to the broadcast. That will be streamed on Twitch. Tickets are free but registration is required.

How to buy the August issue of The Wire

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