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CM von Hausswolff curates seven sound installations for the web

3 jours 2 heures ago

84 sound artists and composers contribute to Freq_wave: 7 seas, a new web-based interactive sound source with contributions from Jana Winderen, Tommi Grönlund, Peter Rehberg, Klara Lewis, Mark Fell and others

“A freq_wave is a rogue wave: unpredictable, sudden, and can impact with tremendous force”, reads the introduction to Carl Michael von Hausswolff's new online installation which has 84 sound artists and composers collaborating on the new climate project. “This is also an act of remembering. Our current health and economic crisis is inextricably linked to the long-lasting climate chaos, social inequalities and environmental injustices violently manifesting amongst many humans and other than humans around the world.”

Focusing on the complexities of marine degradation and pollution, it sets to make these changing sounds audible and follows on from 12 freq_out live-installations 2002–2017

The 84 artists are: Jana Winderen, Finnbogi Petursson, Tommi Grönlund/Petteri Nisunen, PerMagnus Lindborg, Mike Harding, Kent Tankred, BJ Nilsen, Jacob Kirkegaard, Maia Urstad, Christine Ödlund, Peter Rehberg, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, Zavoloka, Dungeon Acid, Christopher Chaplin, Klara Lewis, Joachim Nordwall, Bethan Kellough,Francisco Meirino, Christina Kubisch, Anna von Hausswolff, Lise-Lotte Norelius, Francisco Meirino, Puce Mary, Nadine Byrne, Chris Watson, Ulf Bilting, Brandon LaBelle, JG Thirlwell, Dark Morph, Yann Novak, Chandra Shukla, Tim Story, Dorit Chrysler, Stephen O’Malley, John Duncan, Okkyung Lee, Maria Chavez, Randall Dunn / Chloe Alexandra Thompson, Kali Malone, Yan Jun, Gus Ferguson, Jim O’Rourke, Minoru Sato, Bana Haffar, Dickson Dee, Ryoji Ikeda, Basel Abbas/Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Kim Ngọc, James Webb, Lawrence English, Francisco Lopez, Cielo Vargas, Felix Blume, Sandra Gallo Corona, Aoki Takamasa, Jonny Nash/Esmee Geerken, RAMZi, Alice Eldridge, Lisa Schonberg, Asma Ghanem, Yannick Dauby, Von Lichtern, Sun Araw, Manja Ristić, Maia Koenig, Yambe Tam/Dylan Henry Price, Soundwalk Collective, Dror Feiler, Tatiana Zobnina/Alonso Vázquez, Mats Lindström, Mark Fell, Adi Newton, Lary 7, Carl Abrahamsson, Tetsuo Furudate, Leif Elggren, Robert Crouch, Schneider TM, Zachary Paul, Thierry Charollais, Michael Esposito, Scot Jenerik, Daniel Menche, and Scanner.

Released weekly until 1 August, visitors can interact with the installations online. Freq_wave 1: North Sea to Red Sea is available now. The project was commissioned by TBA21–Academy.

Shirley Collins announces new album Heart's Ease and shares video

3 jours 3 heures ago

Second release on Domino for Collins following Lodestar, her first album in 38 years

Shirley Collins has announced she'll release the follow-up to comeback album Lodestar in July. Heart's Ease, her second album for Domino, is touted as “even stronger” than its predecessor, in light of her newly gained confidence. Shirley says, “Lodestar wasn’t too bad, was it? But when I listen to it, it does sometimes sound rather tentative. I had to record it at home because I was just too nervous to sing in front of somebody I didn’t know. This time I was far more relaxed – even though I went into a studio.”

Recorded at Metway in Brighton, Heart’s Ease features traditional songs from England and the US, as well as four newer, less traditional tracks.

Its lead track “Wondrous Love” comes from an 18th Century English ballad about a sea captain called William Kidd who was hanged for piracy in 1701. The hymn, also recorded by Collins and Alan Lomax on a field recording trip in 1959, was first heard by Collins at a Sacred Harp Convention in Alabama. She decided to record it for this album “because songs are stored in my memory for a great many years, and suddenly it seems the right time to bring them out again.”

Heart's Ease is released on 24 July.

TUSK Virtual 2020

3 jours 5 heures ago

Hosted by David Liebe Hart, Jackie Stewart and Robert Ridley-Shackleton, the line-up includes Jim O’Rourke & Eiko Ishibashi, Roscoe Mitchell, OOIOO, and more

TUSK Festival celebrates its tenth edition in October. But this year they'll be adapting to current events with a live streamed extravaganza in partnership with its usual ally Sage Gateshead.In place of its three day programming schedule this year's TUSK will be a two-week online version. The event, they say, “falls somewhere between a virtual version of one of the most adventurous music festivals on the planet and the most raucous rollercoaster of an avant garde TV station you could ever imagine”. One of the main benefits to this new plan means previously unreachable international artists are now able to join in on the festivities.

So far announced, performances will come from: Jim O’Rourke & Eiko Ishibashi, Roscoe Mitchell, OOIOO, Yeah You, Angel Bat Dawid, Nihiloxica, Blom, Deathprod, Horse Lords, Maja S K Ratkje, Sarah Hennies and Lump Hammer.

Tusk Virtual will also feature an enhanced version of their regular film programme, with nightly midnight movie selections and expanded weekend film feasts, plus talks and discussions, guest DJ mixes and recordings from the TUSK archive. Its team of guest presenters includes David Liebe Hart from Tim And Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, Jackie Stewart from Smegma, and Robert Ridley-Shackleton.

The KORG cookbook: food for thought

1 semaine 3 jours ago

“Eat while pondering the future of the music industry,” recommends Objekt for his Lightning Fast Soda Bread, alongside recipes from Alva Noto, Suzanne Ciani, Joan La Barbara and others

KORG Germany have published the The Pyjama Cookbook, a free digital collection of food and drink recipes by musicians and friends within the synth sphere.

“As our small team of Verena, Lydia, Max and I clamber to get KORG Germany off the ground, we occasionally swap cooking recipes,” explains CEO Tatsuya Takahashi. “The aim of The Pyjama Cookbook is to share the favourite concoctions from our friends from all parts of music, in the hope of instilling solidarity and encouraging friendship during these extraordinary times. Well. It’s also just for laughs. Have fun.”

The book's recipes include Alva Noto's Japanese Cucumber Salad, Afrorack's DIY Yet To Be Named Breakfast, Dorian Concept's Potato-Sterz With Oven-Roasted Radish, Gudrun Gut's Widerstandskräftebrei, Joan La Barbara's Available Ingredients With Morton Subotnick, Fumio Mieda's Raw Egg On Rice, Suzanne Ciani's Special Sunday Dinner – Pasta Alla Genovese, Takahashi's Cheese Toasty, Thomas Fehlmann's Swissy Spicy Pizza, Objekt’s Lightning Fast Soda Bread, and much more.

The Pyjama Cookbook is free to download as a PDF from

Pinch shares track “Accelerated Culture” from first solo album in 13 years

1 semaine 4 jours ago

Reality Tunnels is released by Tectonic Recordings on 19 June

Veteran dubstep producer and Subloaded co-founder Pinch will release his first solo album in 13 years via his own Tectonic label. Taking inspiration from author Robert Anton Wilson, more specifically Prometheus Rising (1983) and its concept of the subjective filter, the album’s lead track “Accelerated Culture” marks a lifting of boundaries for the producer as he follows an “anything goes ethos”, as inspired by his time working with Adrian Sherwood.

“Our beliefs, values, behaviours and so on, which we create and can therefore reshape, are the product of our individual reality tunnels,” explains Pinch aka Rob Ellis. “Every track on the album serves as its own reality tunnel and each tells a different part of my musical story.

“I first made the track “Back To Beyond” following a complicated experience with infinity,” he continues. “I decided it was going to be the cornerstone of my second solo LP and set about making more music with that purpose in mind. There were to be no boundaries placed on the music – it would just be for me.”

Reality Tunnels is released on 19 June.

Reality Tunnels by Pinch

Sounds And Colours’ fundraising push

1 semaine 4 jours ago

Indiegogo fundraiser and tenth anniversary compilation release to raise money for the operation’s website expansion

The Wire contributor Russ Slater is celebrating ten years of his Sounds And Colours website, record label and print publication devoted to Latin American music and culture. Plans had been made for a party, now cancelled due to current circumstances, but the operation is going ahead with its fundraiser to make Sounds And Colours an “even better resource and ensure our survival as we battle with a severe drop in advertising revenue”, says Sound And Colours.

“One of the hardest things about this lockdown has been trying to figure out how life now works while also helping support as many projects as possible. It's been tough, but has made us realise how much Latin artists need media that they can trust and that fully supports their endeavours.”

As part of the celebrations two projects are on the go. Firstly, a downloadable compilation made up mostly of previously unreleased Latin American music “with a healthy dose of electronic, experimental and peripheral sounds”, and a brand new book of articles and photos documenting Latin culture, published in August 2020. They're also selling off music donations from friends and supporters, and material from the Sound And Colours archives.

Check out the full list of what's on offer – including music from Mr Bongo Records, Mais Um Discos, And Other Stories, Songlines, NYC Trust, ZZK Records, Peace & Rhythm, Discos Rolas, Movimientos and Soundway Records – via the fundraiser page. The compilation Sounds And Colours: 10 Years Anniversary Compilation, is available on Bandcamp.

The Book Of Drexciya Vol 1 published this week

1 semaine 5 jours ago

76 page graphic novel is published by Tresor with support from Gerald Donald

Tresor has announced the publication of The Book Of Drexciya Vol 1, a graphic novel covering the first five chapters of the Drexciyan mythology. Authored by Detroit's lead techno visual artist and one of the mythology's original writers, Abdul Qadim Haqq, and Japanese screenwriter and musician Dai Satō, it also features art by Leo Rodrigues, Alan Oldham, Hector Rubilar, Leonardo Gondim, Daniel Oliviera and Milton Estevam.

In the legend, pregnant African women thrown off slave ships gave birth to amphibious creatures known as the Drexciyan wave jumpers: great warriors of the abyss. First noted in the inner sleevenotes of Drexciya's 1997 release The Quest, the story took on four phases: The Slave Trade (1655–1867); Migration Route Of Rural Blacks To Northern Cities (1930s–1940s); Techno Leaves Detroit, Spreads Worldwide (1988); and The Journey Home (Future).

This project comes with the full support of Drexciya's Gerald Donald and Helen Stinson, the mother of James Stinson (1969–2002).

The Book Of Drexciya Vol 1 is published on 22 May.

New podcast from the Bass Culture Research project

2 semaines 2 jours ago

Series led by Steel Pulse’s Mykaell Riley and supported by the University of Westminster

A new series from Bass Culture Research will feature eight interviews recorded between 2016–2019. Conducted by musician and academic Mykaell Riley and Caspar Melville, author of It’s A London Thing: How Rare Groove, Acid House And Jungle Remapped The City, the collection hosts conversations with key subjects as part of a wider academic research project exploring the history of Jamaican sound system culture in Britain.

Weekly shows will drop for the next two months. They include lovers rock legend Janet Kay reflecting on her experiences starting out in the industry, Don Letts on time as a DJ at The Roxy during the rise of punk, Dennis Bovell on running his Sufferer's sound system and tensions with the police during their dances, Linton Kwesi Johnson on his journey as a dub poet, Rodney P reminiscing on the emergence of genres from UK hiphop to jungle, broadcaster Ras Kwame on his experience of acid house, jungle, soul and hiphop raves, and Paul Gilroy in a two-part feature reflecting on his scholarly work as a translator, and the nuisances of black British identities.

Shows can be found on Mixcloud.

How to buy the June issue of The Wire

2 semaines 4 jours ago

If you can’t find the magazine in a shop near you, there are many ways to buy it online.

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Cafe Oto launches lockdown music label TakuRoku

2 semaines 6 jours ago

New digital imprint will raise funds for artists and venue

Cafe Oto has set up a new in-house digital imprint called TakuRoku. Featuring works made in response to the current lockdown, the label will serve a dual function. “As well as providing an outlet for some incredible new work being created over the past few weeks, TakuRoku aims to provide a way to help sustain both Cafe Oto and the artists involved through these incredibly challenging times,” declares the East London venue.

Four releases have already been announced: Steve Gunn's Spring In Brooklyn offers up a selection of refrains from solo guitar; Ashley Paul's Window Flower features playtime daughter Cora and partner Ben on saxophone, keyboard and found objects; Malvern Brume's Gaps In The Persistent Hiss portrays his lockdown ambience with a mass of processed instructions and poems written while walking; and Dali De Saint Paul and Miguel Prado’s duo HARRGA dedicate their release Femmes D'Intérieur to “all sisters around”, offering thoughts to women who have experienced suffering during lockdown.

Oto promises that 50 per cent of the profits from standard downloads will go directly to the artist, concluding, “We've got some amazing recordings in the pipeline so stay tuned over the coming weeks!”

Crowdfunding campaign for new Dartmoor community station

3 semaines 3 jours ago

Skylark FM gives a voice to the landscape through field recordings and local history

A new radio station in Dartmoor will offer 24/7 streams of sounds and stories sourced from its surroundings. Called Skylark FM, it sets to broadcast an ever-changing and continuous programme of oral histories, new music and live field recordings, tied together by jingles also recorded by the local community.

Without a central studio, mobile recording devices will allow content to be recorded in situ, and an FM signal (105.8 and 107.6) will enable local residents who don't have access to the internet to tune in.

They've already secured an Ofcom licence but the station still needs to purchase two transmitters and antennae ready for the launch this summer. A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help with that.

They are also calling for proposals of stories, jingles and sound recordings. More information can be found at

Kidd Jordan, William Parker, Joel Futterman and Hamid Drake pay tribute to Alvin Fielder

3 semaines 3 jours ago

The album was recorded live at Roulette during the Vision Festival 2019 in New York

A tribute to the late drummer Alvin Fielder will be released in June by Mahakala Music. Recorded live in 2019 at Brooklyn venue Roulette as part of New York's Vision Festival, the 45 minute session features pianist Joel Futterman, saxophonist Edward ‘Kidd’ Jordan, bassist William Parker and drummer Hamid Drake.

Futterman and Jordan were longtime friends and collaborators of Fielder, the American percussionist and founding member of the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM), who died in January 2019.

A Tribute To Alvin Fielder, Live At Vision Festival XXIV is available for pre-order on Bandcamp, and you can listen to its introduction below.

A Tribute to Alvin Fielder, Live at Vision Festival XXIV by Edward "Kidd" Jordan, Joel Futterman, William Parker, Hamid Drake

In an online feature in memory of the drummer, Val Wilmer recalled her visit to Alvin Fielder’s hometown of Meridian, Mississippi, where he introduced her to leading Civil Rights activists for her project to photograph the lives of black women. Read it here.

Kramer announces new residency and releases

3 semaines 4 jours ago

The Shimmy Disc founder takes up residency at Joyful Noise Recordings and promises five LP box set in 2021

Joyful Noise Recordings has announced Shimmy Disc label founder Kramer as its 2020 artist-in-residence. The post-punk musician and producer (Galaxie 500, Low, Daniel Johnston) established the New York based label in 1987. As part of the residency, the label will relaunch with five releases from various new projects to be made available as downloads in addition to a limited edition five LP box set in early 2021.

The first release to be announced is Songs We Sang In Our Dreams, the debut album from his project with vocalist Xan Tyler called Let It Come Down: a project that's been “percolating in Kramer's mind for over 20 years”.

“I’d been hearing Xan's voice in my dreams for decades, so you can imagine the shock I experienced when I first heard her voice while awake,” said Kramer. “I invited her to work with me on an LP of songs I'd been working on for a long, long time.”

Listen to “Monday” below. You can pre-order the box set or buy a series of downloads, delivered monthly to your inbox for the rest of the year.

Maryanne Amacher and David Rosenboom writings included in second edition of Spectres

3 semaines 4 jours ago

Kassel Jaeger aka François J Bonnet and Bartolomé Sanson present the latest volume in Shelter Press and GRM's Spectres

The second volume in Shelter Press's yearly anthology Spectres has been published. Produced in collaboration with GRM in France, the new edition explores the theme of Resonances/Résonances: “To sound again – with the immediate implication of a doubling”.

Published in French and English, artists involved are The Caretaker, Tomoko Sauvage, David Toop, Chris Corsano, Ellen Fullman, Christina Kubisch, Okkyung Lee, Pali Meursault, Jean-Luc Nancy, David Rosenboom and Christian Zanési. The volume also includes a previously unpublished text by Maryanne Amacher on tones.

Edited by François J Bonnet and Bartolomé Sanson, Spectres II: Resonances is available now in an edition of 2500.

Roger and Brian Eno call for music video submissions

3 semaines 4 jours ago

A Quiet Scene hopes to collect footage to match their recent release Mixing Colours

Roger & Brian Eno (interviewed in The Wire 434) have invited fans to contribute to their film project A Quiet Scene. "We want to ask you to submit a single shot film of a quiet scene; at home, or out the window, or in your garden. Clouds passing, rustling tree leaves, a bird nesting, people conducting activities in the house: quiet moments that we are all enjoying, together, in isolation", the pair explain.

Footage is meant as a backdrop to the music from their recent album Mixing Colours, released earlier this year by Deutsche Grammophon, and can be slow motion and running from three to five minutes. 11 videos will be selected as official accompaniment for music from the album.

Deadline is 29 May. You can view previous submissions and find full instructions on their website.

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