Documentary about West German studio legend Conny Plank to be released this year

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Directed by Reto Caduff and Conny's son Stephan Plank, the documentary looks at the heritage of the producer and sound engineer behind 1970s krautrock, 1980s neue deutsche welle, and much more

Conny Plank: The Potential Of Noise goes on release in September. Directed by Reto Caduff and Stephan Plank, the feature length documentary traces the history of Stephan’s father Conny through the viewpoint of the artists he worked with. It also examines the legacy the West German producer, sound engineer and musician left behind following his death at the age of 47. Ranging across progressive, avant garde, electronic and krautrock, Plank worked with artists such as Neu!, Kraftwerk, Cluster, Guru Guru, La Düsseldorf, Gianna Nannini, Michael Rother, Eurythmics, Les Ritas Mitsuko, Ultravox, and many others. He was also a regular collaborator with Cluster’s Dieter Moebius. Born Konrad Plank in Hütschenhausen in 1940, Conny died of cancer in 1987, leaving behind his wife, the actor Christa Fast, and son Stephan, then aged 13.

“I discovered his work in the early 80s when albums by Eurythmics or Ultravox, Les Ritas Mitsouko, Freur or by German new wave acts such as Ideal, Rheingold or DAF had the Conny Plank credit on the cover,” comments Reto Caduff via email. “Little did I know at that time of his earlier influence: that he brought Kraftwerk to the recording studio for the first time, that he was working with the band up to their “Autobahn” hit, and all his contribution to the krautrock genre and early electronic music. I only discovered really Neu! when the albums were reissued in the early 2000s. He really was a pioneer and his untimely death at 47 in 1987 only added to the legend.

“As a film maker I am very much interested in these kind of influential people who somehow never got the credit they deserved outside the cognoscenti. So out of my personal interest in the man I contacted his son Stephan Plank, who told me that he was already working on a film about his dad,” Caduff continues. “I wished him the best of luck with it but he suggested we meet and talk about a possible collaboration. We met in Berlin and quickly found a lot of common ground (my dad died in 1988, aged 49), so there was a connection beyond the music.

“To me, the idea of co-directing the film made a lot of sense since Stephan could approach the artists whom he met as a kid in the studio (his home) differently than a regular documentary director. My hunch proved correct over and over again. Meeting the artists brought the memories and stories to a complete different level and enabled us to paint a very unique picture of this extraordinary artist behind the mixing desk. I also felt the timing was right since a lot of the people were still active.

“I hope we made a film that appeals to the fans who grew up with his music as much as to a younger generation interested in the genesis of electronic music,” he concludes.

In 2013, Grönland released Who's That Man: A Tribute To Conny Plank, a boxset featuring tracks Plank had engineered for Brian Eno, Psychotic Tanks, Fritz Müller and many others, a CD of Plank, Dieter Möbius & Arno Steffen performing live in Mexico in 1986, and a selection of remixes by Jens-Uwe Beyer, Phew, and others.

Conny Plank: The Potential Of Noise will be released in both German and English language in September 2017

Tuxedomoon's Peter Principle has died

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Core member of the post-punk outfit unexpectedly passed away in Brussels on 17 July

Peter Principle, longtime member of San Francisco post-punk outfit Tuxedomoon has died aged 63, just when the band were in Brussels preparing a new album and tour to celebrate their 40th anniversary. “The probable cause of his sudden death is a heart attack, or a stroke,” states Crammed Discs, which, along with its sister label Cramboy, has been responsible for releasing much of Tuxedomoon's music. However, Tuxedomoon’s early work was released by The Residents’ label Ralph.

Peter Principle, born Peter Dachert on 5 December 1954 in New York City, played bass and guitar. He joined Tuxedomoon shortly after the group was formed in 1977 by saxophonist Steven Brown and violinist Blaine Reininger. He quickly went on to play a key role in the group’s compositions, recording and production work. Following their 1981 album Desire, the group relocated to an artist's commune in Rotterdam but within a year they moved on to Brussels. At the time of Peter Principle's death he was one of only two San Francisco era members, alongside Brown, to have remained in the group until today, though Reininger continues to record with them.

Peter Principle also recorded four solo albums: Sedimental Journey (1985), Tone Poem (1989), Conjunction (1990) and Idyllatry (2005). About the latter, released by LTM, Crammed Discs comments that “he gave free rein to his taste for experimentation and his love for quasi-psychedelic soundscapes. He once explained that he had discovered the magic of pure sound by listening to the sound of lawn-mowers in his native New York suburb, and then proceeded to reinvent musique concrète (which he didn’t know already existed)…”

Crammed Discs reissued Tuxedomoon’s 1980 debut album Half-Mute last year. “His presence, his intriguing ideas, his imposing silhouette and stage presence, his inimitable bass guitar style will be cruelly missed,” concludes Crammed Discs’ statement.

Beatrice Dillon among those nominated for Jules Wright Prize

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Film London and The Wapping Project announce shortlist for prize awarding female creative technicians

Beatrice Dillon, Chu-Li Shewring and Zhe Wu have been nominated for this year's Jules Wright Prize. Awarded to UK based female creative technicians who have worked within the field of the moving image, the prize of £5000 will this year celebrate those working in sound design. This is the third year that the award has been running with the aim of highlighting the role of female technicians and to draw attention to the underrepresentation of women in the industry.

The jury, comprising Sara Putt of Sara Putt Associates, editor and winner of last year's prize Lucy Harris, and composer, librettist and singer-songwriter Errollyn Wallen, said “We were impressed by the commitment, knowledge, professional experience and diversity of the works of all the shortlisted nominees, presenting an impressive picture of the quality and depth of talent of female technicians working with sound. The high technical and professional skills of the shortlist are matched by a sensitivity of approach and interpretation to working with sound that is informed by collaboration and dialogue. This creative exchange and generosity continues to make a huge contribution to the international success and vibrancy of artists’ film.”

Dillon, who was tested by Jennifer Lucy Allan for the Invisible Jukebox in The Wire 389, is a London based composer, DJ and producer who has released on labels such as Boomkat Editions, Pan, The Trilogy Tapes and Where To Now?. She's collaborated with the likes of Conrad Shawcross, Pedro Reyes, Mai-Thu Perret and Claire Hooper, working on sound and music for film, installation and performance. Chu-Li Shewring is a film maker, sound designer and visiting sound tutor at University College London and the National Film and Television School. She's worked with Steve McQueen on Hunger, Frances Scott on CANWEYE { } and Diviner, as well as with Ben Rivers, Phil Coy and Esther Johnson. Zhe Wu is a sound designer and post-production engineer who's worked with Sarah Turner on Perestroika and Public House and with Siobhan Davies and David Hinton on The Running Tongue.

The prize is part of Film London Jarman Award and the winner will be announced at a ceremony at the Whitechapel Gallery on 20 November. Watch an excerpt from Beatrice Dillon, Florence Peake and Anne Tetzlaff's Untitled, 2017 at Wysing Arts Centre:

Monumental late piece by composer Roland Kayn set for debut release

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Ilse Kayn and Jim O'Rourke discuss A Little Electronic Milky Way Of Sound

A lost magnum opus of electronic music is set for its first ever release this autumn. A Little Electronic Milky Way Of Sound is a late work by the composer Roland Kayn – a former member of the groundbreaking Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, who went on to forge his own style of cybernetic music – which is one huge piece running to almost 14 hours and spanning tape music, musique concrète and electronic and electroacoustic sounds.

Kayn, who was born in Germany in 1933 and lived in the Netherlands from 1970 until his death in 2011, amassed a rich body of work over several decades of study and collaboration, which ranged across electronic sound exploration, live performance and philosophy. His early musical ideas were influenced by the information theory of philosopher Max Bense and the mathematical approach of composer and teacher Boris Blacher; he began working at the Studio for Electronic Music at Westdeutscher Rundfunk Studios in Cologne in 1953. In the mid-60s, he was one of the founders alongside Franco Evangelisti of Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza, a group that also featured Ennio Morricone, and he played organ in that group’s groundbreaking mix of live electronics and improvisation.

Roland Kayn, 1958. Copyright LRKA (Lydia-und Roland Kayn Archive) Bussum

“At that time it was his longest composition, I think,” his daughter Ilse Kayn reports down the phone line from Holland. Her father, she recalls, moved to an old farm in eastern Groningen in 1999, which gave him the space to establish an extensive studio, archive and living space. The piece remained unreleased until now, she explains, as “I had to find my way through the bureaucratic jungle. I’m not bilingual so contracts in Italian, German and English are not always easy to understand.” The project finally got off the ground with the help of the Helsinki based archive specialists Frozen Reeds, whose last release was the acclaimed 2016 Julius Eastman set Femenine.

The task of audio restoration of this mammoth piece fell to longtime Kayn enthusiast Jim O'Rourke. “Kayn’s work has been paramount in my way of thinking about creating music with electronics, for sure,” he emails. “I have known his work from about 30 years ago when Christoph Heemann first introduced me to his music. At the time, the LPs were still available, and I actually bought them at a grocery store in Aachen, ha ha. I was in college at the time, so I started thinking of trying to go to the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht and became quite obsessed with composers who worked there, like Leo Kupper and later Jaap Vink, a good deal because of pictures included in the Kayn box sets.” He tells me about what he calls his own “lame attempts at Kayn-inspired music”, including “A Young Person’s Guide To Drowning”. “Ever since,” he says, “I have been a very vocal supporter and fan of Mr Kayn’s work.”

Ilse recalls that a Revox tape machine was one of Kayn’s main instruments during the composition of a piece. For O’Rourke, “these works are a little rougher both in construction and execution than his earlier works. I definitely want to retain that as much as possible while taking care of the problems that have surfaced from digital degradation… The original recordings were either recorded directly to DAT or ADAT, formats that deteriorate over time, so most of the work is finding the anomalies in the waveforms where data has been lost and interpolating the waveform from what remains.”

One of the remarkable things about A Little Electronic Milky Way Of Sound is its sheer length – it was conceived as a single piece running to almost 14 hours. “There have been huge scale works like this before, I am thinking of some of Gunner Møller Pedersen’s works for example,” muses O'Rourke. “But this does seem like it was Kayn’s ‘summing up’ of his work. At this point since I am working on it on a very microscopic level instead of a macro level, I am learning a lot about his work just by looking at the waveforms. I always knew phase relationship was a big part of how his pieces worked, but actually looking at it has been kind of eye opening.”

Ilse attempts to sum up her father’s idea of cybernetic music. "He would always explain it with throwing stones in the water,” she says. “You get those circles… it's about the crossings.” The 16 CD set will be released by Frozen Reeds in October, and is available for ordering at their site here.

Two rare Ornette Coleman albums to be reissued as double CD

3 mois ago

Never before reissued on CD, Real Gone Music will release 1969's Ornette At 12 and 1972's Crisis

Two Ornette Coleman albums are set to be reissued on CD for the first time since their original release on Impulse!. 1969’s Ornette At 12 features Coleman on alto saxophone, trumpet, and violin plus Dewey Redman on tenor saxophone, Charlie Haden on bass, and his son Denardo Coleman on drums, who was aged 12 at the time of recording. 1972's Crisis was recorded live in 1969 at NYU with the same line up as Ornette At 12 but with the addition of Don Cherry on flute and trumpet.

The freshly remastered albums will be released on a single CD on 9 September, featuring the original gatefold album art and liner notes by Howard Mandel, author of Miles, Ornette, Cecil: Jazz Beyond Jazz. The CD is available for pre-order now.

Listen to Haden's “Song For Che” from Crisis:

Win two tickets to Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids

3 mois ago

The Wire Presents series continues this August with Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids at London’s The Old Queens Head. We have two pairs of tickets to giveaway

Our ongoing series with London’s The Jazz Cafe continues on 2 August with a special gig from Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids to be held at the Cafe’s other venue, The Old Queens Head.

As featured in The Wire 389, the alto saxophonist veteran of Cecil Taylor’s Black Sun Ensemble formed his own spiritual jazz outfit Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids during the 1970s, and last year the group reformed to make We Be All Africans, which was released by Strut.

We're offering two free pairs of tickets, you just need to guess what year the photo below was taken. Email us your answers via this link with the subject heading: Idris Ackamoor competition.

The Pyramids at Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids will play at London's The Old Queens Head on 2 August. Tickets are available via Resident Advisor.

For those of you who already have tickets, please note that this event will no longer be held at The Jazz Cafe in Camden.

I Called Him Morgan London screenings

3 mois ago

Swedish film maker Kasper Collin's acclaimed documentary about the star-crossed relationship between jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan and his common law wife Helen is screened in London this week.

Morgan was one of the most feted jazz musicians of the 1950s and 60s, recording extensively for the Blue Note label, but his life and career were blighted by drug addiction. He was shot dead by Helen in Slug’s Saloon in Manhattan, New York, in 1972, and I Called Him Morgan is a moving portrait of the couple's complex relationship leading up to that event.

Reviewing the film in The Wire 394, Derek Walmsley wrote: "There are many sad endings to the stories of musicians on Blue Note Records, but few are as shocking as Lee Morgan’s. Yet I Called Him Morgan, which centres on the second wind the trumpeter got from his partner after spiralling into heroin addiction in the mid- 1960s, carries an aura not of death but rebirth. By giving voice to collaborators and associates from across Morgan’s career, it transcends the tidy narrative arcs and tragic cliches of many jazz biopics, and has the unmistakable feeling of joyful lives lived to the full."

I Called Him Morgan screens at London Picturehouse Central on 26 and 31 July, and at London Bertha Dochouse on 28 July. NB The Wire will not be hosting the Q&A with Kasper Collin at the 26 July screening, as previously announced.

Laraaji to release two new albums this autumn

3 mois ago

Following a series of reissues, Laraaji prepares two sets of new music for the All Saints label

Inspired by the renewed interest in his music and new age culture, the Harlem based electronic musician and laughter meditation practitioner Laraaji is set to release some new music this autumn. He has two albums in the pipeline, which follow reissues of 1984's Om Namah Shivaya on Leaving and the new age compilation I Am The Centre Private Issue New Age Music In America 1950–1990 on Light In The Attic. His current music was honed during recent live shows, deep listening sessions and appearances at various festivals such as Unsound and Moogfest.

Recorded with engineer Davey Jewell at Gary's Electric Studio in Brooklyn during August 2016, Laraaji produced nine hours of extended jams, which were then edited and mixed by Carlos Niño of Leaving.

The two releases are Sun Gong, comprised of two drone works exploring processed gong, and the double LP Bring On The Sun. Both will also be available in double disc format.

"Celestial music improvisation flows through my intuitive imagination,” declares Laraaji. “I feel my way through these spontaneous music and song compositions. They are gifts revealed by my undoing the ribbons of no longer essential thinking. As these ribbons fall away the gift of my authentic life, love and creative expression opens bathed through and through by a most timeless inner sunlight.”

Pre-order links: Bring On The Sun and Sun Gong. And you can watch a trailer below:

London day event for Unsound's Dislocation series

3 mois ago

Unsound’s London Barbican dislocation includes The Caretaker, Liz Harris and Felicità in its line-up

Unsound festival extends its Dislocation series to London in December. The UK night follows similar Unsound dislocations in Almaty and Minsk, with more events to come in Murmansk, L’viv and Kazan. Taking over the Barbican Centre, Unsound Dislocation: London will explore geography and identity through freshly commissioned works, premieres and collaborations.

Participating artists include Nivhek aka Liz Harris with MFO, The Caretaker performing in the UK for the first time in six years with a video from Weirdcore, and Felicità joined by Śląsk Song And Dance Ensemble to perform a specially commissioned work. And Rabih Beaini will DJ through the night.

The event will take place on 8 December. Tickets costing £22.50–17.50 go on sale on 21 July (Barbican members can can grab one from 20 July).

Barreiro's OUT.FEST announces dates

3 mois ago

Artists this year include This Is Not This Heat, Simon Crabb and others

Portugal festival OUT.FEST has announced dates and the first list of artists to perform at this year's event. Happening in Barreiro, a city just across the river from Lisbon, it'll take place between 4–7 October at various venues. Artists announced are This Is Not This Heat, Jejuno, The Pere Ubu Moon Unit, Casa Futuro, Nocturnal Emissions, Simon Crabb, Jonathan Uliel Saldanha & Coral Tab + Coro Be Voice and Bookworms.

Tickets are available now for 25€. Watch a short documentary of Les Graciés as they record, compose and perform the finished product at the 2016 edition.

Pablo Picco of Ø+yn soundtracks travel film with Argentine experimental music

3 mois ago

Filmed in India and Nepal, the experimental documentary Kalinga Utkal follows Picco's journeys to the heart of the subcontinent’s Buddhist and Hindu cities

Pablo Picco of experimental folk group Ø+yn has made a travel film soundtracked by an array of Argentine alternative musicians. Called Kalinga Utkal, the film documents Hindu and Buddhist cultures in India and Nepal. Musical contributors include Pan Del Indio, Calato, Ø+yn, Mariano Rodriguez, and Uton, among others; but an audio recording of a Tashi Ling Buddhist ceremony will be released separately as The Bombastic And Repetitive Sound Of Tashi Ling Buddhas In Pokhara, Nepal on the More Mars label.

“The temple was somewhat small but the voices and the mood was very, very strong,” recalls Picco, when asked about the recording of that ceremony. “The recordings were made on a day they call ‘happy holy’, which is the international celebration of colours. At the beginning of that record, the recordings were made outside the temple. Getting there was pretty odd because it was VERY dark and the road was in some ways creepy.

“We woke up around 4am and drove by motorbike,” he continues. “But at some point we became very lost in the fog on the dark road… not a single soul was there at that hour... so we drove further and further hoping to get to some meeting point or something.

“Luckily we made it to the temple. We weren’t allowed to enter until the first callings were made – that’s the sound of horns at the beginning of the record – and then when the gong started, a monk inside opened the gate for us.

“The other sounds present on the disc were recorded the same day at the Pewa Tai Lake. Also the part of the clock and the crowd was recorded outside that cave too while they were touching and celebrating with a man that has special powers.”

You can watch the film below:

Ø+yn were featured on the 2015 Buh Records compilation ¡Salgan Al Sol!: Avant-Rock En La Argentina Del Siglo XXI, reviewed by Kek-W in The Wire 380. Subscribers can read his piece via Exact Editions.

Previously unreleased V/Vm recordings made available

3 mois ago

V/Vm and Boomkat pay tribute to a rarely celebrated strand of Manchester's rave folklore

The fifth release in Boomkat Editions’ 12x12 series is a mixed and chopped set of James Kirby’s 2006 recordings as V/Vm. Called The Brabant Shrobbelèr, it’s a 20 minute selection of previously unreleased new beat tributes compiled and sequenced by Jerk van den Boschalottt and mixed by Demdike Stare's Miles Whittaker.

Stockport born Kirby is paying homage to the genre which, in Boomkat record shop’s words, is the “black sheep of Manchester’s dance music canon”.

“New Beat was a crucial part of the Manc Dance make-up, most often mixed up with Chicago, Detroit and New York house, and whatever UK bleeps and boops were bubbling through at that time. James Kirby aka V/Vm is all too aware of the fact,” states Boomkat, “and thanks to the influence and legendary DJ sets of V/Vm card holder Acid Alan – whose new beat collection spilled over the racks at a now defunct NQ record shop – its memory and place in Manchester’s rave folklore has been preserved by only a select few souls who really-cannot-be-fucking-chuffed with the constantly regurgitated putative history of our city’s club and warehouse culture.”

New Beat: Brabant Schrobbelèr is released today as a limited edition 12".

An illustrated history of sound recording to be published at the end of July

3 mois 1 semaine ago

The Art Of Sound: A Visual History For Audiophiles documents the evolution from acoustic to digital recording during the last 160 years

The Art Of Sound: A Visual History For Audiophiles will be published at the end of July. Including inventor biographies of Emile Berliner, Thomas Stockham and more, author Terry Burrows’s text focuses on key changes in the evolution of recording. Ranging from Scott de Martinville's invention of the phonautograph in 1857 to the present day, it surveys four eras of recorded sound history: acoustic (1877–1924), electrical (1925–45), magnetic (1946–74) and digital (1975 onwards).

Illustrated with hundreds of archival photographs and various facsimile blueprints gathered from around the world, the book is published by Thames & Hudson in collaboration with the EMI Archive Trust on 27 July.

Turmoil is the theme for the next Berlin CTM festival

3 mois 1 semaine ago

The 19th edition of CTM will run from 26 January–4 February 2018. It’s already open to submissions for its fifth Radio Lab Call

Describing its 19th edition as its last teenage year, Berlin’s CTM festival will mark its coming of age by making turmoil its central theme.

It expands on last year's Fear Love Anger theme, asking, “What is the sound of turmoil? What are aesthetics of tumult? What to do with such intensities? Which other sonic and musical responses could we conceive of to counter the current overload of agitation, anxiety and animosity?”

The theme continues the festival's inquiry into sound and music's potential to educate and drive resilience during a period which organisers see as marked by a normalisation of political, social and environmental crisis, all of which results in “unsettling feelings that resonate through our on and offline lives”.

Meanwhile, the fifth edition of CTM’s Radio Lab Call is now open for submissions. It’s sent out an open invitation to submit ideas that bring radio art and live performance or installation together based around the idea of turmoil. The commissioned work will premiere at the festival and then be broadcast as part of Deutschlandfunk Kultur’s Klangkunst programme. The Österreichischer Rundfunk (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) will then present the winning pieces via one or more of its platforms. More information can be found on CTM's website.

Running from 26 January–4 February, the CTM festival will include club events and concerts as well as day time lectures, talks, exhibitions and the sixth edition of MusicMakers Hacklab. It will take place at various Berlin venues, taking in new and veteran partners such as Berghain, HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Kunstquartier Bethanien. The first wave of confirmed artists will be revealed in early October.

Belgium festival Meakusma takes place in September

3 mois 1 semaine ago

The festival has announced its line-up and the addition of three new stages in the city of Eupen

The second Meakusma Festival will take place in the city of Eupen between 8–10 September. This year it has added three new stages at Friedenskirche, Ikob and a small street that is said to have “a very specific acoustic quality”. That makes a total of eight festival stages accommodating a programme jointly arranged by the Goethe-Institut Brüssel, reiheM, Dublab Radio, Ben Ufo and Les Ateliers Claus.

The line-up includes Brian Close & Justin Tipp as The Georgia Big Band featuring Sun Araw, M Geddes Gengras, Matt Werth, Kiki Kudo and Blazer Soundsystem, all of which will also perform solo. Other artists and events confirmed are Mary Ocher, Jace Clayton presenting The Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner as well as performing as DJ /rupture, Myriam von Imschoot & Doreen Kutzke, Lena Willikens & Sarah Szczesny presenting the audiovisual project The Phantom Kino Ballet, Lawrence, RDVS, Rie Nakajima, and more. There will also be a Dublab room hosting lectures and panel discussions.

Hostel, hotel, camping and B&B accommodation is available. More information and tickets can be found at the festival website.

Darkstar collaborate with Liverpool's migrant communities

3 mois 1 semaine ago

The duo have teamed up with the artist platform Metal on the new project that works with young adults aged 13–19

The artist laboratory Metal and Darkstar have announced a new sound project working with young adults in Liverpool's migrant communities. The project comes off the back of their 2015 Foam Island album released by Warp in 2015, where the duo used samples from interviews they had made with residents of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire, England.

Now the duo will work with 13–19 year olds at Harthill Youth Centre in Wavertree, Merseyside. The installation and final composition will be the result of several residencies Darkstar have run at Harthill. Their work reaches out to young people in the area, over 75 per cent of whom are from Eastern European communities including Slovaks, Czechs and members of the Roma community, a third of them living in poverty. The aim is to encourage them to discuss such topics as migration, Brexit, music, family and community.

“The work we have managed to accomplish at Harthill in collaboration with the kids that came to the sessions has been an incredible experience,” declare Darkstar. “From gaining insights into how their own communities interact with Liverpool we have managed to create something that is a true reflection of a nuanced landscape that is evolving rapidly.”

Working in conjunction with Metal's Different Trains 1947, the final piece will be presented as an interactive sound installation at Edge Hill Station this September, plus live music on 27 September, before moving to London Barbican Centre and Magnetic Fields festival in India. Cieron Magat has also been commissioned to make a short film about the project.

Nocturnal Projections’ Graeme Jefferies pens his memoirs

3 mois 1 semaine ago

New Zealand's DIY singer-songwriter looks back at his 30 year career in Time Flowing Backwards

Canadian publisher Mosaic Press has just published New Zealand singer-songwriter Graeme Jefferies’s memoirs Time Flowing Backwards. Jefferies started his musical career in the 1980s, and his book recalls more than three decades of his work, from the time he spent in Nocturnal Projections, the post-punk outfit he formed with his brother Peter Jefferies, through to This Kind Of Punishment, whose music was released by labels such as Flying Nun, The Cakekitchen and other collaborative and solo works.

Time Flowing Backwards : A Memoir is out now. Listen to Graeme Jefferies’s “If The Moon Dies” from Messages From The Cakekitchen, a precursor to the Cakekitchen project.

Robert Mugge’s 1986 film Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus to be rereleased

3 mois 1 semaine ago

Film maker Robert Mugge's 1986 documentary about the legendary jazz saxophonist will be released on Blu-ray and DVD

The Philadelphia based film maker Robert Mugge's 1986 documentary film Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus will be reissued on Blue-ray and DVD in August.

After he completed the UK's Channel 4 film The Return Of Ruben Blades in 1984, Mugge followed the advice of jazz critic Francis Davis to begin work on a new documentary about the tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins. With the help of Davis and Sonny’s wife and manager Lucille Rollins, among others, Mugge filmed footage of Rollins performing at Tokyo's Koseinenkin Hall on 18 May 1986, and Opus 40, a sculpted rock quarry in upstate New York on 24 August the same year. This was the gig where Rollins jumped off the stage into the audience but misjudged the height and broke his heel. After the briefest of pauses he continued playing. The film also interviews jazz critics Ira Gitler, Gary Giddins and Francis Davis, while Mugge himself interviews Sonny and Lucille Rollins on a park bench in New York City.

Named after his 1956 album, Sonny Rollins: Saxophone Colossus, is released in Blu-ray, DVD and digital formats on 4 August. Mugge supervised the remastering process and created a new bonus feature about the making of the film called Leaps And Bounds. IN addition, the release will feature audio-only performances of "G-Man" and "Don't Stop The Carnival", which were originally recorded for the film.

Film trailer below, and you can buy it here:

Dais Records celebrate their tenth birthday

3 mois 1 semaine ago

Having notched up more than 100 releases, the US based label will mark their anniversary with two specials featuring Drew McDowall and guests

Dais records celebrate ten years in action this September with two special shows. Formed in 2007 by Gibby Miller and Ryan Martin, they operate from both Los Angeles and Brooklyn, New York, and in the last decade they’ve added over 100 releases to their discography. Their featured artists include Cold Cave, Iceage, King Dude, Youth Code, Drew McDowall and Drab Majesty, and they have also reissued material by COUM Transmissions, Ragnar Grippe, Ghédalia Tazartès, Hunting Lodge and Maurizio Bianchi. Earlier this year Little Annie's debut LP Soul Possession was reissued by the label, and last year they digitised the entire Psychic TV back catalogue. They’re also working with Sacred Bones on a documentary film about Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth.

Both Dais’s anniversary events will feature Drew McDowall performing a rendition of Coil's drone work Time Machines. One will happen at Los Angeles The Regent on 2 September with guests Drab Majesty, High-Functioning Flesh, Body Of Light, Cold Showers and more. The other will take place at New York Queens Knockdown Center on 22 September. Featured guests at the latter include Little Annie Anxiety and Hiro Kone performing songs from Little Annie's Soul Possession and Jackamo, plus Robert Turman, Scout Paré-Phillips, Drekka and Wetware, and DJ sets from Pieter Schoolwerth, JS Aurelius and Nikki Sneakers.

Kickstarter launched to complete new Butthole Surfers' biography

3 mois 1 semaine ago

Ben Graham’s Scatological Alchemy: A Gnostic Biography Of The Butthole Surfers is in its final stages – now funds are needed for editing, type setting and more

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to cover the final stages in the production of Ben Graham’s new Butthole Surfers biography. Called Scatological Alchemy: A Gnostic Biography Of The Butthole Surfers, the book will attempt to “pull the true significance of The Butthole Surfers' legacy from the wreckage”, recounting their history as well as taking an in-depth look at their discography.

This isn't the only recent publication documenting the Texan band: it follows James Burns’s 2015 Let's Go to Hell: Scattered Memories Of The Butthole Surfers.

Scatological Alchemy: A Gnostic Biography Of The Butthole Surfers will be published by Eleusinian Press, who are running the campaign to cover the editing, type setting and proof reading costs, as well as, ideally, the book launch in Graham's hometown Brighton. The campaign will end on 23 July, with the book's projected publication date being the end of summer 2017.

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