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Swans' Thor Harris Discusses His Depression in Documentary Short

il y a 2 heures 45 min

Swans and Shearwater drummer Thor Harris is the subject of "Major Depression", a short documentary produced by the Mental Health Channel. In the film, he reads excerpts from his book, shares stories about how depression has weighed on him, and discusses how he manages his clinical depression by making music and art, exercising, and being with friends.

"When I started taking these pills, I hated the idea of taking pills for the rest of my life, but it's no big deal," he says about anti-depressants. "We all have to eat every day. We all have needs. We all need Twitter and Instagram, and some of us need to eat a pill in the morning."

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Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" Dancer Bit By A Snake During VMAs Rehearsal

il y a 14 heures 33 min

One of Nicki Minaj's backup dancers was bit by a 6-foot snake during a rehearsal for her upcoming VMA performance of "Anaconda", according to a report from TMZ. Reportedly the reptile was in fact an anaconda, which is a non-venomous snake that is nevertheless capable of transmitting bacteria that can lead to serious infections.

The dancer was taken to a local hospital for treatment, while the snake was removed from stage in a container. It is unclear whether Sunday's show will still include the snake in the live performance.

Watch the video for "Anaconda":

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Cat Power To Play Free Benefit Show For Ferguson Protesters, Also Announces Tour

il y a 15 heures 51 min

Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, has announced that she'll play a free benefit show for Ferguson protestors on Sunday, August 24 at the Firebird in St. Louis, Missouri, Stereogum reports. Marshall will perform with her Dirty Delta Blues band, and according to an announcement via Instagram, “all proceeds will go to help protestors get out of jail & any needed supplies & food for protestors & flowers for rifles.”

Cat Power has also announced some tour dates. Check them out below.

Revisit our Cover Story with Cat Power.

Cat Power:

09-26 Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre
09-28 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA *
09-29 Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst
10-01 Olympia, WA - Capitol Theatre
10-02 Vancouver, British Columbia - Vogue Theatre
10-05 New York, NY - Modern Sky Festival
10-06 Boston, MA - Paradise Rock Club
10-08 Toronto, Ontario - Danforth Music Hall

* with Pixies

Watch the video for Cat Power's "Manhattan":

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How To Dress Well Shares <i>What Is This Heart?</i> Bonus Track, "So Easy For Pleasure"

il y a 16 heures 40 min

Tom Krell, aka How To Dress Well, has shared a new bonus track from the deluxe edition of his recent album What Is This Heart?. Its called "So Easy For Pleasure", and you can listen to it above.

Krell also recently performed a live set on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic. Listen to it here via KCRW.

Watch How To Dress Well's video for "Childhood Faith In Love":

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John Reis Details Drive Like Jehu's Reunion: "We're Just Doing This One Show"

il y a 18 heures 4 min

Drive like Jehu recently announced that they'll be reuniting for a free concert at San Diego's Balboa Park on August 31, and in a recent Kreative Kontrol podcast frontman John Reis gave more details about the event and the future of the band.

Speaking to the show's host, Reis said:

“The show isn’t so much a show as it is a chance to collaborate with the Spreckels Pipe Organ located in Balboa Park, San Diego. The pipe organ is a massive, outdoor instrument. I’ve been going to the organ concerts in the park there for years.

A friend of mine....got on the board of directors for the Spreckels Organ, and pretty much immediately the conversation turned to, ‘Dude, how are you gonna hook us up and get us in there to play? Can you arrange that?’ So, since February there’s been a dialogue about trying to get this to happen and over the last month or so, things have slowly been edging towards where this is going to be reality.

I reached out to the other guys in the band and everyone was really intrigued and excited to not only play again but to see what this was about. I’m super stoked that everybody in the band has embraced it and I can’t wait to do it."

On the future of the band after the August 31 show:

“We’re just doing this one show. There’s nothing else going on. The idea to play came about because of playing with the organ, because of this opportunity. There’s definitely no plans to do anything else after this. And there’s no plans to do anything before it, Y’know people are like, ‘Oh cool, are you gonna do a warm-up?’ or this or that. No, we’re really stoked to do this thing. As for the future, I don’t know. I mean, I didn’t think we’d necessarily be playing again at all. I’m not going to say it’s out of the question but there’s nothing planned.”

He also said that the show will be 30 minutes and roughly five songs long, and that he's enlisted someone to record it. "I just want to have something to share with people like you who can’t be there so others can see this thing,” he said.

Listen to Drive Like Jehu's "If It Kills You":

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M.I.A. Reaches Settlement With NFL: Middle Finger Lawsuit Is Over, Though Terms Remain Private

22 Août, 2014 - 23:29

M.I.A. and the NFL have reached a settlement in the lawsuit that followed after M.I.A. flashed a middle finger during her cameo at Madonna's halftime show at the 2012 Super Bowl. According to the Hollywood Reporter, M.I.A.'s attorney Howard King has confirmed that a settlement between parties has been reached, though the specific terms of the settlement remain private.

In 2012, M.I.A. was issued a $1.5 million fine after she flipped off a camera during her brief appearance on stage at the February 5 show. The NFL claimed her gesture was in "flagrant disregard for the values that form the cornerstone of the NFL brand and the Super Bowl."

According to the NFL, M.I.A. breached a pre-show agreement to maintain the NFL's "reputation for wholesomeness"; the league argued she broke the contract as a publicity stunt, and later upped the fine to $16.6 million, which they claimed as restitution for the alleged public exposure she gained as a result of the event.

M.I.A. previously issued a statement that said the lawsuit was "completely ridiculous" and that "they’re scapegoating me into figuring out the goalposts on what is offensive in America". She also said it was "a massive waste of time, a massive waste of money, it’s a massive display of powerful corporation dick-shaking. They want me on my knees and say[ing] sorry so they can slap me on my wrist." Read the rest of her statement here, or check out the video below.

No further details of the settlement have been revealed at this time.

 Listen to M.I.A.'s "Y.A.L.A.":

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Sonic Youth, Ariel Pink, Animal Collective Members, Jim O'Rourke, Yoko Ono, More Make Music for Plants

22 Août, 2014 - 22:38

Back in 2002, artist Peter Coffin began his Music for Plants series of installations. It was inspired by The Secret Life of Plants, a 1973 book that combined science with New Age techniques to argue that plants could "hear" sound—and that, theoretically, one could make music for them just as music is made for human beings. 

Over the next twelve years, Coffin compiled two volumes of "plant" music, enlisting artists like Sonic Youth, Ariel Pink, Animal Collective's Deakin and Geologist, Jim O'Rourke, Yoko Ono, Alice Coltrane, Black Dice, Nico Muhly, Boredoms' EYE, and Laurie Anderson to try their hand at composition. You can listen to the first two volumes below. 

A third volume is in the works that will feature artists such as Kelela, Arto Lindsay, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Teengirl Fantasy, Bernie Worrell, Martin Rev of Suicide, Charlemagne Palestine, and more. The artists have been recording at Red Bull Studios in New York City, where Coffin is currently exhibiting his Living installation. The installation features a greenhouse, where the first two volumes have been played on rotation for the plants inside. Living concludes on September 16; the tracks for the third volume will be compiled and released this fall.

Below, watch a video created by Coffin, soundtracked by L-Vis 1990's contribution to Volume 3, via Dazed Digital.

Read more about the Music for Plants series here on Dazed Digital. 

You can listen to the first two volumes below. 

Volume 1:

Volume 2:

L-Vis 1990:

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Tinashe Teams With A$AP Rocky for "Pretend"

22 Août, 2014 - 21:50

R&B singer Tinashe has already released three mixtapes – 2012’s In Case We Die and Reverie, and 2013’s Black Water – but she's yet to release a proper debut. That changes on October 7, when RCA releases Aquarius. In addition to the Schoolboy Q collab "2 On" (which was later remixed by Drake), the new LP includes "Pretend", produced by "Drunk in Love" mastermind Detail and featuring A$AP Rocky. Stream it above. 

In addition to Detail, collaborators on Aquarius include DJ Mustard, Boi-1da, Jasper, Future, Stargate, and others.

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Chris Martin Wears Inflatable Body Suit in Coldplay's "True Love" Video

22 Août, 2014 - 19:50

Coldplay have shared a video for their single "True Love", off recent album Ghost Stories. Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, it features Chris Martin and actress Jessica Lucas as aspiring dancers impeded by inflatable body suits who eventually fall in love with one another because of aforementioned inflatable body suits. Watch it below.

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Man Arrested for Lollapalooza Biting Attack

22 Août, 2014 - 18:23

Lollapalooza photo by David Sampson

While watching Arctic Monkeys perform at Lollapalooza earlier this month, a 29-year-old Chicago man named Ben Lenet was attacked and bitten by a random stranger. Lenet claimed he was bitten "for a good 5 seconds" on the arm, adding "He’s not biting me. He’s clearly trying to bite through me." He also said that the attacker took 10-15 blows to the head, but walked away without seeming to be noticeably affected.

The unprompted biting attack broke through his skin, and required preventative treatment for HIV and hepatitis. At the time, Lenet posted the account of his attack to Reddit in hopes that his attacker would be found.

Now, a man has been arrested for the attack, as RedEye Chicago reports. Sergio Vicenteno, 33, was taken into custody after meeting with detectives on Wednesday, and was charged with two counts of aggravated battery at a public venue. 

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Deafheaven Release New Track "From the Kettle Onto the Coil"

22 Août, 2014 - 18:02


Deafheaven have shared the studio version of "From the Kettle Onto the Coil", a new track they recently performed at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. Now, it's being released as part of this year's Adult Swim Summer Singles. It'll be available as a free download here beginning August 25. 

Check out the complete Summer Singles artist list and song release schedule here.

"From the Kettle Unto the Coil" live at Pitchfork Music Festival:

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Major Lazer Cartoon Coming to Fox, Featuring Music From Cat Power and RiFF RAFF

22 Août, 2014 - 17:43

Photo by Erez Avissar

Back in 2011, Major Lazer were supposed to get their own Adult Swim cartoon show. It didn't come to fruition, but Billboard reports that the cartoon has been revived for a 2015 Fox debut. It will still be about a "Rasta superhero"—presumably Major Lazer himself—and will launch with the third Major Lazer album, the follow up to last year's Free the Universe. According to Billboard, the TV show will come with a soundtrack that features collaborations with RiFF RAFF and Cat Power.

Billboard's Diplo cover story also gives more details about the work the producer has been doing with Madonna. According to him, three of the songs he, Madonna, and producer Ariel Rechtshaid did together are "smashes" while the other is "super weird." "Late one night in the studio we got a little bit drunk and she improvised a little hook and we made a song out of it," he said. "I think it’s going to be a breakthrough if she can manage to get everything together and get it out properly."

He's also been working with Lorde, Usher, Ty Dolla $ign, Skrillex, and a number of other artists who may appear on that Major Lazer album. And according to Billboard, Diplo's 2004 solo album Florida will get a 10th anniversary reissue this fall on Ninja Tune.

Watch Major Lazer's "Get Free" video:

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DJ Earl Continues MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix Series Presented by Pitchfork

22 Août, 2014 - 17:26

MoMA PS1's Warm Up, the annual outdoor summer concert series at the Long Island City, Queens art museum, continues this weekend. The event takes place every Saturday until September 6 in PS1's courtyard. (Each event runs from 3 to 9 p.m., with doors at noon.)

Each week, Pitchfork and MoMA PS1 will present a mix by an artist performing at that week's Warm Up. Following mixes from MartynHiro KoneCashmere CatA/JUS/TEDJ-CushArchie PelagoContainer, and Dubbel Dutch, we have a new mix from Chicago footwork producer and Teklife member DJ Earl. Listen to it above, and check out the tracklist below.

In addition to DJ Earl, this weekend's Warm Up also features Kevin Saunderson, Éclair Fifi, Shamir, the Range, and Gifted & Blessed. Check out the Warm Up schedule and full list of performers here

DJ Earl: Pitchfork // MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix:

01 Intro - DJ Earl: Roadz 2 Dro City 02 DJ Earl: Higher Freq 03 DJ Earl: I Got This Feeling 04 DJ Earl: Wurk Dat Body 05 DJ Earl: In The Jungle 06 DJ Earl : I Need You 07 DJ Rashad & Freshmoon: Ethno 08 DJ Earl: Ridin Hi 09 DJ Rashad DJ Spinn Taso: Luchinni VIP 10 Taso: Smoke Dat Loud 11 DJ Earl & DJ Taye: Yo Monkey AZZ 12 DJ Phil: Godz House 13 DJ Phil: Suck The Meanest 14 DJ Rashad & DJ Manny: ? 15 DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn: Double Cup 16 DJ Earl: Right Here 17 DJ Earl & DJ Tre: SDK 18 DJ Earl & Slick Shoota: Sick SHYT 19 DJ Earl & DJ Payapl: 5 Dolla AZZ 20 DJ Earl & Heavee: Smokin Grams 21 DJ Earl & DJ Frost: Ahmadd VIP 22 DJ Clent: Groovin In The Sunshine 23 DJ Taye: Fuck EM 24 Taso & DJ Manny: U Aint ON Shyt 25 DJ Earl: Gametime 26 DJ Rashad & DJ Manny: Oooh Babbbyy 27 Addison Groove: Masamune 28 Teklife: Got A Stupid Azz 29 DJ Earl: Park It 30 DJ Earl & DJ Frost: Ether 31 DJ Rashad: 45FiftyFour 32 DJ Tre: You Upset EM! 33 DJ Chap: Such Siren 34 DJ Rashad DJ Spinn Taso: Feelin 14'
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Shabazz Palaces Share "#CAKE" Video

22 Août, 2014 - 16:27

Shabazz Palaces have shared the video for "#CAKE", taken from their recent Lese Majesty LP. Director Hiro Murai's visual combines post-apocalyptic horror with surreal psychedelia, rendering the members of the Seattle rap crew as the various faces of a polygonal being which resides over a ruined building.

Shabazz Palaces are also heading out on a world tour. Dates below.

Read our recent "Guest List" interview with Shabazz Palaces.

Shabazz Palaces:

08-22 Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer#
08-23 Brooklyn, NY - AFROPUNK @ Commodore Barry Park#
08-26 Carrboro, NC - Cat’s Cradle
08-27 Athens, GA - Georgia Theatre
08-28 Atlanta, GA - Basement (Red Bull Sound Select Show)
09-13 Chicago, IL  - Lincoln Hall
09-14 Bloomington, IN - Bishop Bar
09-15 Little Rock, AR - The Rev Room
09-16 Austin, TX - Red 7 (Patio)
09-17 Mc Allen, TX - Cine El Rey
09-19 St. Louis, MO - The Firebird
09-20 Kansas City, MO - The Riot Room
09-21 Lincoln, NE - Vega
09-22 Boulder, CO - Fox Theatre
09-25 Boise, ID - Crux
09-27 Portland, OR - Zidell Shipyards
09-28 Portland, OR - Zidell Shipyards
10-20 Amsterdam, Netherlands - MC Theatre
10-21 Brussels, Belgium - AB
10-22 Rouen, France - Club 106
10-23 Paris, France - Batofar
10-24 Lyon, France - Le Marche Gare
10-25 Helsinki, Finland - Supermassive Festival
10-27 Gothenburg, Sweden - Pusterviksbaren
10-28 Copenhagen, Denmark - Vega
10-29 Stockholm, Sweden - Kagelbanan
10-30 Vevey, Switzerland - Rocking Chair
10-31 Luzern, Switzerland - B-Sides Indoor Festival (@Sudpol)
11-01 Lisbon, Portugal - Musicbox
11-03 Brighton, England - The Haunt
11-04 London, England, Illuminations Festival at The Laundry
11-05 Manchester, England - Gorilla
11-06 Leeds, England - Brudenell
11-07 Glasgow, Scotland - Nice ‘N’ Sleezy
11-08 Bristol, England - Start The Bus
11-10 Birmingham, England - Hare and Hounds
11-12 Brno, Czech Republic - Kabinet Muz
11-13 Prague, Czech Republic - MeetFactory
11-14 Berlin, Germany -  Kantine Berghain
11-15 Cologne, Germany - Club Bahnhof
11-16 Munich, Germany - Feierwerk

# with clipping.

Watch Shabazz Palaces on Pitchfork.tv's "+1":

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Factory Floor Perform “Turn It Up”, “How You Say”, and “Fall Back” at Pitchfork Music Festival

22 Août, 2014 - 16:23

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

Factory Floor were one of the many artists at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival, which took place at Union Park in Chicago July 18-20. Below, watch video of the band performing “Turn It Up”, “How You Say”, and “Fall Back” from their eponymous debut, Factory Floor.

Read our Guest List with Factory Floor and check out photos from the fest here. Watch more videos from Pitchfork Music Festival 2014 here.

"Turn It Up":

"How You Say":

"Fall Back":

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James Blake Shares New Track "200 Press" on Latest Installment of BBC Radio 1 Residency

22 Août, 2014 - 04:00

James Blake took over the BBC Radio 1 airwaves tonight in a continuation of his ongoing residency. In previous installments, he's premiered new music from Jamie xxremixed Kendrick Lamar, pretended to interview Burial, shared new music of his own, and even dug up old Lone cuts.

Tonight, Blake shared a new song titled "200 Press". Asked about the title, the producer responded, "cause only 200 are going to be pressed up". Listen to the mix over at the BBC; "200 Press" starts at the 30:52 mark. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Blake played jungle and invited viewers to ponder whether or not having one's tonsils removed results in developing a whispery voice, joking that viewers could call "1-800-USELESS-CONVERSATION" and voice their thoughts on the matter.

Watch our Pitchfork.tv interview with Blake:

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Arcade Fire Accept ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

22 Août, 2014 - 01:54

By now, you've probably heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, in which celebrities and regular folks alike get a bucket of cold water dumped on their head to raise awareness and money for the neurodegenerative disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), coinciding with a donation to the ALS Association. Then, they challenge their friends to do the same.

One such challenge was issued by Primus bassist Les Claypool (wearing a pig mask, no less) to Richard Reed Parry of Arcade Fire, as Relix reports. Last night, during the band's Bangor, Maine, show, Parry accepted – and handed over the dunking responsibilities to Will Butler, who gave Parry a kiss on the cheek before flipping the bucket to the sound of dancehall airhorns. Watch both challenges below. 

Yesterday, Kendrick Lamar, Disclosure, Jessie Ware, Wayne Coyne, Lily Allen, Dr. Dre, Foo Fighters took the challenge, adding to an extensive list of previous participants that already includes Lil Wayne, DrakeJustin Timberlakethe Roots, Jimmy Fallon, and "Weird Al".

Remember to donate.

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The Weeknd Shares "Often" Video

21 Août, 2014 - 23:26

The Weeknd has released a video for his latest single "Often". In the clip, Abel Tesfaye sings moodily in a hotel room as a coterie of lingerie-clad models slink in and out of the frame and sometimes kiss each other. So, it's pretty much exactly what we have come to expect from a Weeknd video. 

You can catch the Weeknd on the road with Schoolboy Q and Jhené Aiko this fall during his "King of the Fall" tour.

The Weeknd:

09-19 Brooklyn, NY - Barclays Center *#
09-21 Toronto, Ontario - Molson Canadian Amphitheatre *#
10-09 Los Angeles, CA - Hollywood Bowl *#
10-10-11 San Francisco, CA - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium *#

* with Schoolboy Q
# with Jhené Aiko 

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Henry Rollins Criticizes Robin Williams in "Fuck Suicide" Essay

21 Août, 2014 - 23:13

Photo by Heidi May

Henry Rollins has written a column for the LA Weekly titled "Fuck Suicide". It's about his attitude toward people who kill themselves. He begins by talking about the recently deceased Robin Williams, who he didn't know personally, and struggles to understand why Williams committed suicide:

How in the hell could you possibly do that to your children? I don’t care how well adjusted your kid might be — choosing to kill yourself, rather than to be there for that child, is every shade of awful, traumatic and confusing. I think as soon as you have children, you waive your right to take your own life. No matter what mistakes you make in life, it should be your utmost goal not to traumatize your kids. So, you don’t kill yourself.

He then relates a story about a former housemate who struggled with depression, and eventually killed herself. "The hardest part about being around her was you knew there was nothing you could do to help," he writes. "I get it, but then again, maybe I don’t." The act of suicide, he says, cancels the person's existence in his brain. "I have many records, books and films featuring people who have taken their own lives, and I regard them all with a bit of distain."

I no longer take this person seriously. I may be able to appreciate what he or she did artistically but it’s impossible to feel bad for them. Their life wasn’t cut short — it was purposely abandoned. It’s hard to feel bad when the person did what they wanted to. It sucks they are gone, of course, but it’s the decision they made. I have to respect it and move on.

He adds:

Almost 40,000 people a year kill themselves in America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In my opinion, that is 40,000 people who blew it.

Fuck suicide. Life isn’t anything but what you make it. For all the people who walked from the grocery store back to their house, only to be met by a robber who shot them in the head for nothing — you gotta hang in there. 

You can read the whole thing here

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Scott Walker and Sunn O))) Release <i>Soused</i> Album Art and Trailer, Push Back Release Date

21 Août, 2014 - 22:22

As previously reported, experimental musician Scott Walker and drone metal group Sunn O))) have teamed up for a new collaborative record on 4AD, titled Soused. Now, the pairing have released a trailer for the album featuring two minutes of music. Watch it below. Above, check out the album art designed by Sunn O)))'s Stephen O'Malley with photography by Gast Bouschet.

The record's release date has also been pushed back. Originally slated for a September 23 release, Soused will now see release on October 21.

But if you're making your way to BasilicaSoundScape festival this year, you can listen to Soused prior to its release at Future Past Studio, where the album will be played in full every hour from 2-9 p.m. on September 13.

Watch the album trailer:

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